Posted by: beckery | October 12, 2009

Eunhyuk – I’m Yours @ Sukira

Credit: aneng007 @ youtube

Yup, he’s mine ^__________^ *gets bricked*

This isn’t even news worthy but being eternally Hyuk biased, I just had to share it hahahaha. I watched this yesterday and didn’t know whether I wanted to swoon and melt or laugh XD There’s definitely a very cute accent there and I hardly understood what he was singing the first time I listened. But after 30 listens, I LOVE IT!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

This again proves that Hyuk should get more singing parts. He’s of course not as great as KRY but his voice is so much love. It’s easy on the ears and it’s just so sexy, but that could be my biased talking lol. You tell me what you think!

And Teuk’s laugh at the end HAHAHAHA What a crazy boy XD Oh and I think I hear Sungmin’s voice so I assume it’s him playing the guitar?

It cannot wait, I’m youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrsssssss


  1. i think i heard sungmin too. <3

    so cute even though the only thing i understood was
    "i'm yours".
    I DIE. :))

    i guess this is what paris did to him, more adorable engrishie. XD

    • i found sukira pics of eunhyuk and JUNGMO. XD maybe it was him instead of sungmin. kyaaaa~

      • ROFL. Try listening to it more and his engrish actually turns less engrish-y haha. I’ve been reading transcripts/watching sukira clips of his stories in Paris and omg lajfkljaslkf HE’S SO ADORABLE <3333

        Oh I guess it was Jungmo then? Lol damn, I could have sworn I heard Sungmin's voice :X

  2. it was actually pretty good.. his pronunciation. i could make out wut he was singing. hyukkie’s adorable as usual…

    • He would be more adorable if he stopped flashing skin every chance he gets T_T Lol this is what working out does to you XD

  3. Lol I don’t think you understood the Korean at the start – he said he dedicated this song for me.

    • Lol I think you need to go back and learn some more Korean cuz I obviously heard him say Beckery.

  4. Adorable <3 I don't even think I liked the original that much..but this…DO WANT.
    He certainly needs more singing parts. :D

    • I know right. I want moreeee. Full version perhaps? :DDD Lol

  5. One of the songs I really love. :D Lol I know the lyrics so well. D:

    to win some or learn some, but i won’t hesitate no more, no more, it, can not wait, I’M YOURS~

    Hahahha, his accent is so cute. :3
    TEUK”S LAUGH IS SO FUNNY, IDEKY. LOL. I think I heard Sungmin too. :3

    • Hyukkkkk <33333333333 I try REALLY hard not to be bias but he does stuff like this and expects me to not love him anymore? T___T

      Though I do ship EunHae, HyukMin is pretty UP the list too. <3

  6. Aw, that was so cute, even though I wouldn’t have understood most of it if I didn’t already know the lyrics. He has such a good voice, it’s really too bad they don’t let him sing more often. Then again, with 13 members how much singing time can any of them get?

    Leeteuk’s laugh made me LOL so hard at the end.

    Thanks for sharing. ^.^

    • That is true, I guess. It’s good enough that he gets some screen time with the rap and being main dancer. I’m just greedy for me haha.

      Teuk’s laugh is always SO CRAZY XDDDDDDDDD

  7. ROFL. “i fell down to the cracks?” whatttt?

    HAHAHA. i agree, we need more hyukkie lines~

  8. LOL @ TEUKIE. =))
    I really laughed when I heard his oh-so-famous ang-ang laugh. This made my day!
    Hyukkie so hot singing it. I love his engrish!
    More of Hyukkie singing would be really great. :)

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