Posted by: lovediaries | October 12, 2009

T-Ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2 MV

Y’all should watch this. It’s only going to take up 3.14 minutes of your time :D.

Directing you guys to this post if you need help with names :).

{credit: LindaKimLe @ youtube}

Okay before I go insane spazzing, I just have to say, Boram and Qri being there was totally pointless. Sorry. Boram was sorta awkward to watch and Qri looked out of place. Her clothes didn’t really fit and she was just :DDDDing throughout lmao. But idk, I guess it’s nice having the 12 people coming together :/. (Though we also saw very little of Sungmo and Yoonhak…)

Anyway, *_____________________________*.  The T-Ara girls looked really good here~* (but, ngl, at the start, I thought Boram was one of the Supernova boys HAHA). Soyeon omg, my love for her is just growing exponentially ♥♥. Jiyeon looks really good with that hair colour and Eunjung is so pretty. Love her make up, especially the sparkly blue eyeliner *_*. Hyomin looks so much better with straight hair (still scarred from that massive ponytail she sported in their first TTL performance lmao) but I wish she didn’t have to dance with it out. There was this one part where she was totally grudge-like xD.

And unfffff Supernova. I loved watching Geonil cause gaaahhh he’s all tall and handsome and he has a really nice jaw (I’ve decided he’s like a mixture of all the F.TI boys). But I also really liked Jihyuk’s rap. So sexy *_* ♥. I love his hair and the silver tie. Oh, my heart.


  1. I like the electric blue dress…sorry only watched half the video but when you said boram I thought you meant baek boram, the girl with the short light colored hair is super cute though, she has like a puppy look to her.

    • I like the blue dress too :DD. Though not many people do.

      Lol Boram is the one that people are >:((( at because she…doesn’t do anything for the group XD.

  2. I’m loving the song, but the addition of the other members was kind of pointless as they didn’t get much camera or singing time. And Boram always looks like she doesn’t fit in to me. In T-Ara she kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • LMFAO OMG YOUR COMMENT XDDDD. Apparently they recorded both at the same time which is why the other members don’t get lines. Even more reason to not have put everyone in :/.

  3. Thanks for crediting me (:

    • Oh, no problem ^^

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