Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 13, 2009

MBLAQ – Oh Yea MV Teaser

Credit: misskiwiberry @ Youtube

I really, really like the sound and the choreography. At first when I read that Rain was producing a boyband, I was a bit :S But omg, this all looks (and sounds) great :D! I love the beat *____*

The other day, Floatingstars and I were talking about how AWESOME it would be to have Rain as your boss *_* Omg, can you imagine :33 I wouldn’t even mind being yelled at by Rain, LOL. These boys are so lucky~

From the comments I’ve read, people are all really looking forward to B2ST’s debut, but idk, I think that MBLAQ stands out to me a bit more atm…though I still don’t understand the name T__T It reminds me of Montblanc =.=


  1. I think I’m looking forward to B2ST more for Doojoon (who I’ve loved from Hot Blood) and AJ, well Kikwang who is cute :3 but I’m excited for MBLAQ too

  2. My only comment is…
    What’s with all the wierd names?
    Can’t someone debuted with a proper group name? XD

  3. I’m looking forward to b2st because of doojoon & Aj but this teaser has got me anticipating for MBLAQ as well, the sound is different from other groups, with the spanish guitar, they can go for the suave look, lol just a couple of weeks ago I wanted testosterone, now there will be too much. I don’t think any new groups will be able to capture my fangirlism in october, just shinee and maybe taeyang/bigbang.

  4. apparently…MBLAQ stands for…Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality XDDD yes, these group names rly are out there
    so many boys…o.o so much eye candy HAHAAA
    we’ve got…SHINee, Taeyang, SS501, F.T Island, B2ST, MBLAQ, and Child of Empire. it’s like october’s the month where all the testosterone comes rushing because of the high amounts of estrogen during the summer

    • Well, it’s better than High-five Of Teenagers or Sports Music Assemble People. XD

      Child of the Empire? Whoa. From what corner of the world did they come from? XD

  5. not complaining about all the new boy groups.. but do agree about the @#*(^% acronyms. at least make up somtin that makes sense?

  6. This is so totally JYP. Like little spawns or something. Put them together with One Day and you’ll get testosterone overdose.

    Except you have to take out JoKwon. He’s gonna overpower the manliness with his FANTABULOUS glitter of gay. ♥

    Honestly, I’m so tired of following SuJu alone (I’m not even doing a good job at it) that SHINee and OneDay come far down my priority list. I feel bad but one fandom is just too much for a college senior to handle. MBLAQ seems cool but I don’t think I’ll be able to give them the attention–and financial support LOL– they deserve.

    I wish Kpop would stop spitting out groups like an illegitimate factory for a while to give us room to breathe. D:

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