Posted by: lovediaries | October 13, 2009

Preview F.T Island – Lie

Um, pinkandsparkly said she’d do this post but it’s been hours already so I’m posting it now >:D.

{credit: MrJenpoo @ youtube}

HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD? F.TI ARE PREPARING FOR THEIR NEXT ALBUM ALREADY ASLJFSLKJF OMG *________*. How long has it been since these guys got a break…? Their 3rd Japanese single isn’t even being released yet and they’re releasing a single for their next album O.o Not that I’m complaining but I just feel sorry for them :(.

The opening note is heartbreaking already. Just the way I like it ♥. The piano melody is beautiful~ I love Seunghyun’s rap too :).


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG aahskhjdl *spazzes*
    It’s been SO long since I heard a song that wasn’t all techno and repetitive English words! I love those but there is too much of a good thing :P

    Yay for angsty ballads and F.T Island! I need MOAR!

    I’m also obsessively waiting for the You’re Beautiful OST to be released because ‘I will promise you…’ is stuck in my head.

    • Ngaww, you should listen to our “Listen to…” posts :). I usually post ballads and stuff and they’re not techno/engrish-filled :).

      I still need to watch that drama but I’m so busy with uni orz.

  2. didnt expect this coming !
    a pleasant surprise.
    its so beautiful.. such a nice treat for us !
    first the super beautiful raining, then now this :D
    loved the piano harmony (i suppose leader played it ? :D ) and also seunghyun’s rap :) :) :)
    hope they wont overwork though, esp hongki with his drama now.
    ft hwaiting ! :D

    • I know eh, I thought they’d focus on their Jap single first :/.

      Yeah, it must be hard for Hongki considering he’s the main vocalist too. Hope he gets enough rest ;_;.

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