Posted by: lovediaries | October 13, 2009

SHINee ‘2009, Year of Us’ – ‘Jo Jo’ Teaser

{credit: WeaReShining01 @ youtube}

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE IT ♥. I’m loving all the teasers they’ve released so far. I was a bit WTF @ “SHINee Girl” (btw, I finally hear the swing dancing/ballroom dancing of it haha) because that song was rather lulzy and strange, but after listening to it heaps, I don’t mind it anymore. And just, asjfs all the songs are great. This one sounds pretty to me. It sounds familiar and when something is familiar it makes me remember things and just alskfjsdfj IDK WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY.


  1. omg! i like this one. For some reasons, i really like onew’s line before the chorus. It sounds very nice. idk how to describe it but i like it a lot. So far for the teaser i like Y.O.U, this one and onew’s solo. I’m kinda worried about the ring ding dong song. The name is definitely not appealing at all.

    • You don’t like ‘Get Down’? MINHO AND KEY RAPPING, HELLLO!??!!

      Lol but yeah I’m glad there are more slower tracks this time round. HAHA I’m scared too just cause they’ve been releasing all these really good songs. Hope it doesn’t disappoint~

  2. wooh i like this track :D
    haha the title sounds weird but the song’s not luckily. wheeee. nice.

    • I like it too aksjflsdjf finally all teasers have been released :D

  3. I’m sure it’ll be my favurite SHINee’s song <3

    • Favourite song…ever?

      • Haha,no,not ever.In my opinion Amigo,Love like oxygen and Romeo+Julliete are a bit better.But I love this actually ^^

        • I love Romeo & Juliette <3 I was a bit D: at first with the autotune then after it got so addictive *_*

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE. IT.


  5. It reminds me of Lady Gaga for some strange reason wth

    • Isn’t this too swing-dance-y to be lady gaga? XD

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