Posted by: lovediaries | October 13, 2009

SHINee ‘2009, Year of Us’ Teaser Pictures

SM LIKE TO TORTURE US. I think they’re doing a release one a day thing T_T. I’ll be editing this post as more pictures are released :).

Remember, PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! Reupload them onto another server or your own account, thank you :).

Jonghyun is first :D. This makes me happy because I thought he looked really hot and had the best change in style. (I also really liked Taemin’s, but it was really only a haircut and less curls. I guess we’ll see when more pics are released :). And I shall refrain from commenting on Onew and Key’s hair. Though, Onew’s hair only really makes me think of him predebut so it’s not too bad.)

So like, I reeeeeeeeeeeeally like Jonghyun’s hair (even though everyone is going blonde lately T_T). And he looks really cute in the middle pic.


I also didn’t mind Taemin’s hair :). Slightly disappointed it was more of a trim than anything but at least it still looks good on him :). Not liking him with the cornrows – no one quite pulls it off the way Changmin does, hoho ^^. But the first pic *___* yum.


ONEW, TAKE ME NOW. He looks like such a man *______*.

Argh, why didn’t they cut Minho’s hair!? I don’t like the picture where he’s got a lock of hair around his fingers, but the one of him looking straight at the camera *__* – I die.

AND THE ONE I THINK MOST OF US ANTICIPATED (whether the reasons be good or not)…

SO…what do people think? I don’t think I like it but maybe Key can get away with it cause he’s Key. It’s like a lopsided bowlcut fringe. Quite interesting but…yeah, I would’ve loved a normal haircut a whole lot more T_T. Still, Key looks really pretty in the pic b&w pic of him looking at the camera ;_;.

And that’s all for the teaser pics :Db.


  1. WOAH o_O
    the stylists love him indeed.

    • I know right, he always gets the best of everything XD

  2. Oh I’m falling for Jonghyun again. (Sorry Onew, the hair is a turnoff) Jk jk…<_<

    The picture theme makes me wonder what type of song they're doing next. Pop/Rock? "Matchyeotumyeo" or something ridiculous like that.XD I hope that really means something in Korean b/c I'm still trying to figure out Lachata. LOL


      P.s watch this.

      • Well those clips only prove that Onew will not shoot me for cheating. According to my luvah “Onew hyung is not like that.” XP” Ondubu will always be my favorite though.

        To be honest I only seem to fall for Jonghyun right before song releases. I almost ruined my comp. drooling when they had to wear those hats before Juliette, but once they started promoting, I went back to Onew. I’m only unfaithful during the off season.^^

        • LMFAO HDU. He couldn’t care less if you cheat or not cause he has me~

          LOL you are so shallow XD HAHA.

  3. O.M.G HOT!

    I love his clothes, I love his hair.

    This makes me happy =)

    • I hope the others look better in their own pics haha.

      • Taemin’s pics are not bad but, what’s up with him beaing curled into a ball? Kinda emo eh?

        Nice hot pink tight pants right?

        • LOL he’s curled up into a ball because the noonas are still after the poor boy.

  4. …I could totally be superficial and say he turned into my bias again, but then you’d hate me or something, idk. ):

    But um, jrock!Jonghyun, y/y? :D

    I hope the others’ photos are flattering. ): Especially Key and Onew.

    should’ve saved the best for last?

    GETTING BETTER AT THIS HTML BUSINESS. (And i will jinx it, just watch.)

    • Go watch the video I embedded up the top. Maybe you’ll like Onew without him looking ~*HOT*~ for you :/.

      lmao I kid. But watch it anyway. (If they leave Key til last, I will cry so hard.)

      • I always liked Onew for being cute and slightly fail :3

        But will do. :D

      • Onew is so cute. ): lakdnflkasnfd, he could never be a strict hyung, lmao.

        • I bet he gets bullied a lot, that sweetiepie ;~;

          • Agreed. ):

            he sounds like a pushover


    I’m a little too pooped to spazz about Jonghyun now, but OMG HE’S SO DARN HOT. And I love the stylists for loving him. (no more mohawk, YAY)

    ^ song preview. I don’t really know what to say about it ._. I shall attribute that to my current braindead state.

    Off to get sleep, woo~!

    • Congratulations on finishing <33 Yay you can get back to spazzing with us :).

      And omg I just posted that! Hehe thank you asljfalskjf. I reckon it's not the title track though, it's so pretty.

  6. I think I can go on and on about how Jonghyun is one of the most good looking guys in kpop in my opinion. :))

    I like the third picture of jonghyun the most! Hah, but I love the greyscale pictures too.

    The 2nd picture reminds me of An Cafe (jrock band!)

    Taemin! I would love for him to have straight hair, kind of like those during Juliette but without the curls. Third picture reminds me of Jonghoon, alot.

    Oh man, I think I can stare at the pictures of jonghyun all day.

    • Jonghyun is hot, and he gets the best of everything lmao so it’s hard to not be good looking haha. Yeah the b&w ones were just added 2 hrs ago? I couldn’t stop drooling *_*. Damn boy has every right to be checking himself out.

      And yeah, the second pic is so jrock style! (Even if I don’t know any of them haha).

      I thought Taemin would change hair colour too but hmm :/

      • And and and I have to add that I’m so glad they’re not styling the whole of jonghyun’s hair up. Didn’t really liked that during Juliette. I always like guys with fringes :DD

        I’m kinda scared for Key’s pictures though. The haircut on the preview picture looks a little too odd for me. I selfishly want a normal haircut that will just make him look really good. Hmm.

        • I thought Jonghyun looked so hot with the mohawk though! There’s never really been an incident where I’ve hated Jonghyun’s look. Guess the stylists are biased like that :P

          I’m sorta worried about Key’s too. Rn, I can still hope it can look better but if the pics come out still freaky then…:S

  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Do update us please! <3

  8. Jonghyun! You smexy beast! Yay! I’ll miss their old happy rainbow days! They’re growing up!-sigh-
    I’m wondering how this is going to turn out.

    • Lmao they certainly have grown up/matured so fast ;~~;

  9. lol the pink skinnies is still there

    • well i mean, they can never go without colour~

  10. Why do the stylist love JH and not Key? >:

    • Key always gets the more … ~eccentric~ looks.

      • I don’t like the eccentric looks T_T

        • I miss straight black normal hair ;_;. I miss his hair flicks.

          • I miss how Jinki and Key used to be difficult to tell apart unless you’re a superfan. ):

            • It’s okay bb! That is still the case :)

              • YAY. But. I no like Jinki’s new hair. :\

                • I don’t like the style but Onew still looks good <3

  11. … Ring Ding Dong? wtf. Who thinks of these stuff?

    • LMFAO don’t ask me XD

  12. Minho’s hair!?

    • Is too long :|

  13. I’m missing the old Amigo/Juliette days. But oh well. But Ring Ding Dong? O___o

    • I’m missing the LLO/Amigo days. I loved their hair back then ;_;

  14. key’s pics are out…they’re :| but it’s better than i expected. he looks like a vampire XD

    • I’ve just updated the post. Lmfao the whole concept is sorta j-rock meets vampire XD.

  15. Key is so in love with himself, seriously…

    And I think it’s just me but for a moment there I thought it was Key and Jinki on the 3rd pic whoa

    • But he’s so gorgeous lmao ;~;

  16. KEY: reminds me of SPOCK FROM STAR TREK!!!

    Key and Mickey (TVXQ) are soooo similar…. how? Well… the stylists always manage to butcher their hair lol.

    • But Key pulls this off so much better than Yoochun did with his weird hair xDD!!!

  17. i love taemin’s hair!i love him too!

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