Posted by: lovediaries | October 15, 2009

Epik High – 트로트 & High Technology MV

Still waiting for SHINee’s teaser, gdi.

{credit: mapthesoul @ youtube}

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd Part 2 is out :D! This had me loling irl. Lmao @ the “battle” and Tablo getting shot in the butt and getting bashed by Mirthra AHAHAHA. Then the “missing reel” ahahaha xDD. Loved Tablo’s face when the girls were crawling out of Mithra’s tummy xD. MITHRASAUR IS SO CUTE THOUGH. I love his claws. The end was so sad how he had to stitch himself up and he was coughing up more blood. Too bad MYK wasn’t in this :/.

I guess they released the MV today since Tukutz has gone off for military service. Oh, my heart :(. It’ll be a while before we see them all together again~


    my fav. part was at the end where mithra is giving himself stitches . ouch the look on his face is soooo xD
    but yeah, kinda sad that tukutz is enlisted alrdy.
    good old 2years before we get to see them.. that sucks. but still all the best ot them ((:

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