Posted by: lovediaries | October 15, 2009

SNSD & f(x) – Chocolate Love MV

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SNSD Version – I watched SNSD’s version first :). Saved the best til last. The black outfits > every other outfit. Hyoyeon (♥♥♥) and Seohyun get more screentime this time, so yay. I liked the dancing with the fans – that looked pretty – but in general, the moves were a bit too provocative for me. Idk, just, all the white, making them ~pure~ haha, but especially Sunny’s solo scenes. Maybe it’s just me?

f(x) Version – So much ass and Krystal in this *covers eyes* HAHA. The Victoria x Sulli scenes, wooahh, I don’t think their faces can get any closer. And then the Luna x Sulli bit near the end, especially with Sulli’s lust-filled gaze~ But I didn’t like Sulli with the choppy fringe :/. Victoria has the prettiest eyes though *__*. Luna is so petite, she’s really cute haha. Krystal looked like Seungyeon again in some of the scenes >:/. Amber looked really pretty in the part where all 5 of them were in a row. I loved her rap ♥♥ and like, her 4 second dance solo haha. I guess while SNSD have fans, f(x) get chairs. Amber probably isn’t very flexible!? Haha idk, her leg didn’t go up very high xP.


  1. OMG! SNSD!!


    look at sunny! xD
    finally she sings more than just 1 line. :DD

    I especially like sunny’s “I Go-ot You-u-u” xD

    erm, candychu-chan!
    u mentioned sumthing about sunny’s solo scenes? xD not quite getting u.
    maybe im just biased but – yeah. lol

    • Haha I was just saying that Sunny’s scenes are very provocative ~

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