Posted by: beckery | October 15, 2009

Zhang Li Yin – 晴天雨天 MV Teaser

Credit: sment @ youtube

OMG so much stuff happening at once, I don’t even know what I’m doing but LKAJFLKSJLFJSFJSDL ZHANG LI YIN IS BACK!!!! With only a mini album (I think?) But whatever XDDDDDDDDDDD

The teaser is just mainly a collage of pictures of her and her “boyfriend” being….. dun dun dun *drum roll*……… DONGHAE THIS TIME ALKFJSLKJFSLJJSLKJFS. Siwon, Hankyung and now Donghae, omg so lucky ;___; They look so cute together! Everything just looks so blissful and innocent and calm and just awwwww. She looks freakin’ cute with her fringe. And the song sounds like a really nice ballad already. Can.not.wait!

Oh and THE MV BETTER NOT BE A COLLAGE OF PICTURES!! :((( Another epic storyline? Please? With a cherry on top?



    Anyway, they are QT. Omg ajfskjf Donghae is so loving ;~;.

    p.s translation of title is “Fine Day, Rainy Day”. How pleasant.

    p.p.s help me reply to comments.

    • Donghae is always loving. He’s so cute with all the girls, Ariel, ZLY, etc etc <333

  2. one word…..FINALLY

  3. They’re both so cute together!!!!
    ALKGJJKGHL:DK:AGK Donghae! You’re not allowed to be that cute! Liyin either! I’ve grown to love her 959840931 times more in the past year since I first listened to ‘Timeless’ and she made me fall in love with her again this time.
    SM had better put A LOT of work into this one since it’s been so long overdue.
    I love the song already and the MV looks so cute and awwww-worthy.

    • DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: Well the MV didn’t turn out like we wanted. I hate SM. With SHINee’s comeback, of course they neglect ZLY again ;___; She needs a better company who treats her better!

  4. Finally she’s back.I love her song Timeless with Xiah and Why.Hope this song is great,too ^^

    • Yea, I think everyone loved Timeless :D

  5. ahh he’s so cute in here. they’re so cute in here. waiting for whole song/mv to come outt ;)

    BUT, did everyone forget Donghae’s b’day?? ;(
    lol i’m sucha huge donghae fan…
    sooo: happy birthday to him!! :DD <3
    (i've already said this like everywhere hahaha)

    • It’s out now, but I haven’t seen it yet because I’m disappointed that it did end out to be a slideshow MV DDD:

      HAHAHA. I DID. Omg I feel so bad, I totally forgot about Hae’s bday. haha. ILU FISHY <3

  6. I remeber Dongii’s HP,I’ve got even post in my blog ;))

    • Dongii’s HP? I’m sorta loss? :/

  7. OMGGG. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS :D. This song sounds really nice already :)). And Donghae! <3

    • Donghae is so cute alkfjskjslj

  8. OMG. this is OSM. <3
    all her MV's are something to adore, all those great plots!
    i have a good feeling abt this!

    • DD: I bet you’re just as disappointed as I am then ;_______;

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