Posted by: lovediaries | October 16, 2009

091016 SHINee Comeback @ Music Bank

{credit: dkpnews @ youtube}


Um, it’s 1am and the MV isn’t out so I’m probably going to sleep; shall summarise what I loved in dot points.

  • Jonghyun’s opening lines omg, how good did he sound!?!?!?!?!
  • Onew flicked his jacket ;~;
  • Taemin’s hair is funny hehe and so is his cape jacket but his voice has gotten a lot stronger ♥
  • Minho’s ponytail *_* omg I love little ponytails~ And he gets to sing! Well, that rocka rocka rocka line is singing, sort of.
  • Hearing the boys without (as much) autotune. Loved hearing Onew’s lines near the end especially.
  • The choreo is so tight, I love it. The ring ding ding part as well asjfsdlkjfsdf new dance to learn, it looks really addictive
  • I loved Jonghyun’s “HEY” as well :)))
  • And the OnKey ring ding-ing omg. That made me love it even more~

I want those banners in my room ;___;. Too bad Onew no longer has his :DDDDDDDDDDD face…I will miss that in these performances.


  1. Let´s just say ,it was worth the wait and can´t wait to see the whole mv to it

    • Definitely <3

  2. beast… mblaq… nyu gyu?!!

    hahha.. ive watched this 5 times already. the stage looks awesome. the BOYS look awesome! taemin’s so handsome now n he’s got a powerful voice that always surprises me ;d

    they’ve created a new hip move. during that 2nd turn where minho was standing in the middle, i was so sked his legs would get tangled up (cos they go on forever) LOL

    i like rocka rocka part! i have this song stuck in my head!!

    SHINee 멋있다!!

    • “SHINee 멋있다!!” TRUFAX!

      Yes I watched this as many times as I could along with the MV before going to bed haha ~

  3. Taemin <3

    They're too perfect. I swear, if I didn't know better I'd say they were lipsyncing haha xD

    The dance is really cool especially the ringa ringa ringa part :D I WANT TO LEARN IT LMAO

    • LEARN IT and yeah :). See you confuse me, you don’t fangirl them but you say they’re perfect aksjfsjfdf.

  4. Taemin O_O

    Umm can I choose to believe they said “Wanna cola cola cola cola” instead, I will anyways

    Key should just come to my house already

    p.s. the performance was out of this world :)

    • LMFAO sure you tell yourself they’re singing that~

  5. ;aldjflkasjd;lf I woke up early to watch this just now ;_____; so worth it.

    And yes, one of the things I totally missed during Juliette was Key’s awesome hair flicks. Onew and Jonghyun sounding better than ever, and Minho getting to sing and having a little ponytail, and Taemin’s voice stronger? ♥♥♥♥♥

    And now I get to brag at my friends in school ;)

    • YES IM SO GLAD HE STILL DOES THE HAIR FLICKS <333 Idc what hair he has, just let him flick it *__*. I love Minho's ponytail and yes, Taemin's improving so much!!

  6. OMG I totally loved this performance!

    Jonghyun and Key looked really really hot lskjflskdfjsdf.

    They all sounded really good and you can’t even hear the dancing in their voices! Even for Taemin! His voice sounds a lot stronger now. YES I agree so much about the opening line part. ♥♥♥

    I liked the dance for this so much better than the Juliette dance. I love how its not as ‘flourish-y’ as the Juliette dance was. It’s more grounded, even the song doesn’t feel as ‘flourished’ too.

    The MV should come out like NOW NOW NOW.

    • UNFFF yes Jonghyun is always so confident, I love watching him perform.

      I get what you mean about it not being as ‘flourish-y’ as Juliette and I agree with you, but still, I love this one so so sooo much more <3

      Hope youve seen the MV by now :)

  7. Wish Minho had more solo parts but….OMG Key is fierce! Work that hair! Taemin’s cape makes me laugh-reminds me of a vampire though in terms of looks Key gives off that vibe. Onew looks good…..At least his hair isn’t grey (ah, bad hair for yunho, good times, good times) and the spiky looks works. This song is so catchy though the “Fantastic, elastic” makes me lol

    • The rap isn’t very long eh? I wish Onew had more parts too, hardly got to see the bb :(.

      And yes, Key has such a dark look omg, I love it it’s so sexy haha *_*

  8. that hip move was from xiahtic.

    watch his perf, that move is his signature while dancing to the song.

    the shinee perf is good though

    • Yep I remember it from Xiahtic but I guess it’ll become even more popular now~

  9. Key could totally join Brown Eyed Girls and no one would ever notice XD

    KIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII♥ *bounces around*

    What the eff does “Fantastic Elastic” mean, anyway?

    Okay, someone please pull me away and make me study for law exam DDDX

    • I think it’s just there to rhyme.

      Hope your exam went well <3

  10. This was awesome!!!
    They’re all so fierce and 981uieuhaisd

    Taemin looks like he is wearing a wizard’s cape XD

    • The cape is hilarious XD

  11. Woo! Awesome comeback! They’re even number 1 at mnet chart right now (beating taeyang etc). Proud of the boys <3

    • I hope they win more awards than they did on Music Bank for this song <33

  12. I HOPE THEY WIN SOMETHING WITH THIS SOON. the song gets stuck in your head really fast. :DDDD

    • I hope so too, it’s such an awesome song ;~;

  13. heads up!
    um maybe you have seen these?

    Oddugi Chips each member versions :)

    • Haha yes I saw those but orz do not want to be reminded of Onew’s stomp lmao.

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