Posted by: lovediaries | October 16, 2009

MBLAQ – Oh Yeah MV

{credit: allkpop @ youtube}

I watched the MV a couple of days ago and liked what I saw (though, despite being a pervert, I’m really not a big fan of too much skin exposure :/ just that the guys are all hot) but not really what I was hearing. The song sounded better in the teaser so I was slightly disappointed. It could possibly grow on me but right now I’m too focused on SHINee’s Comeback to try haha.

Still, thought we should post in case other people are interested :). And yuuuus, I’ve learnt all their names already /victory dances. Now, only Child of Empire, Beast and SHU-I to go…

Cheondung is Dara’s brother ^^. G.O has a nice voice and Joon is such a pretty boy~ Mir is pretty hot too, he slightly reminds me of Hongki in the MV actually. Right now, I’m liking Seungho the best hehe (well, I like his profile pic the best, anyway hoho). But seeing as they’re all older than me, I’m not all that interested. LMFAO, just joking; but yeah, it’s good to have some men in the kpop scene~


  1. Yay only one’s younger than me! I think I kind of got mixed up because the new boyband’s songs are kind of…similar :S Not liking it much yet…

    Does SeungHo have a soul patch?! What’s with this group and facial hair…oh well, some of the younger ones are hot :D Notably Joon, except he flashed his abs way too much in the MV, I couldn’t even see his face =.=

    • LOL soul patch…? Is that like, the tuft of hair below the chin? I thought the same but I think it might actually just be his clothes. Yeah agree, ab flash wasn’t really necessary, I rather see more of his pretty face~

      • Yeah it is XD Their clothes are so..Twilighty *shudders* That whole pasty white gothic vampire thing…and yeah, agree, we need more of his face :D

  2. Watching the mv I would never have guessed that SeungHo is the leader. Mir just had so much camera time I thought he was the leader.

    • From the MV, I wouldn’t have thought Seungho was the leader. I also wouldn’t have thought Mir was the magnae. He’s so…buff? XD.

  3. 2:05 OMG o_O
    Ok,he’s so hadsome and sexy,but…..but.xD

    • Lol but what? XP

  4. Mir does remind me of Hongki. But he’s younger than me D< He would've been my favorite if I got into MBLAQ.

    lolwtf and that unnecessary abs exposure

    Nice moves but two of them are younger than me so. :\

    • Oh hi5, two of them are younger than me too. And lol I guess these days, they show abs before talent XDDDDDDD

      • So it’s like, fans come for the abs and stay for the talent (… and more abs)?

  5. It’s weird xDD

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