Posted by: lovediaries | October 17, 2009

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong MV

{credit: sment @ youtube}

FINALLY. ITS 2AM IM GETTING KICKED OFF AND THE MV IS MAKING ME GO WEAK AT THE KNEES ;____;. I’ll be back tmr with something coherent, meanwhile beckery can add in her thoughts *__*.

Beckery: Candychu is going ALKFJSLJS*SMASHKEYBOARD*KLJFLSK atm but her net is dying so I’ll temporarily take over her post :DD I see alot of self rubbing and body rolling and hips thrusting and lips licking and charisma stares in this. THEY’VE GROWN SO MUCH SINCE REPLAY DAYS :3333

Ok, things I do want/don’t want/loved/died over/wtf-ed about:

  • Minho glaring/staring at himself in the mirror was hot hot hot. Flaming Charisma what do you expect?
  • I love the ring ding dong dancing part. I bet it’s going to be the next “it dance” that everyone will be doing *______*
  • For some reason, I really like that part at 0.23 where they change positions and do that hand on mouth :O and hand bopping movement. Stupid description of a slick move hahahaha.
  • Key’s “Butterfly”
  • It’s pretty random but umm ??? at Taemin drinking…MILK HAHAHA. Then it suddenly changes to Key doing his “I’m too hot for you” stare? XDDD
  • Them dancing in the water was a nice touch. I liked seeing how their movements made all the water splash everywhere. Powerful? I think so <3333
  • Taemin’s sort of solo dance at 1.19. The little boy can moveeee! ♥
  • The car scenes will ALWAYS remind me of Harry Potter LOOOOOL. ALWAYS.
  • Jonghyun and Key + fingers wiping lips. ♥♥
  • Minho and Key’s rap = hotness. “Breakout breakout breakout hey”
  • Jonghyun’s white feather coat is gross. Sorry. It’s just gross.
  • Onew at 3.19 and 3.41 *Cue for Candychu’s scream*

So conclusion? I actually liked the MV. Quite alot. And the song has grown so much on me now. I don’t even crack up at the “fantastic fantastic elastic elastic” parts anymore hahahaha. Although some of their clothes were rather :/ ,overall their hair wasn’t so bad. Especially Key’s, his actually looked really good on him and all those penetrating stares zomg. I FINALLY SEE YOUR APPEAL BB. (Candychu will be pleased T_T) BUT hey, Key is still a biatch XDDD And it looks like Taemin and Onew switched roles cuz Onew’s hair makes him look super young and innocent here hahaha.. <3

Candychu: Okay, I’m back :). Since beckery wrote such a long and detailed post on the MV, I probably don’t need to add anymore. BUT, since it’s ~SHINee~ of course I have to say my bit too haha. First of all, um, THIS WAS HOT ;_;. And gosh, I loved Key soooo much in this MV ♥♥. Just, everything in this is totally Key. He should wear eyeliner forever. I loved his butterfly part, and just, every Key part *_*. He even drove the car, omg. I’m also glad there was no female lead in this. Everything else, you guys have pretty much said in the comments ♥.


  1. ahahha.. i think onew needs to work on his fierce face. he still looks pretty dorky to me… ;d

    um… im pretty impartial to the MV. i think the live was much much better. which i suppose is the biggest compliment an artiste can get eh?

    • agrees with you.
      onew’s “charisma” face isn’t that much “fierce” ’cause it seems to me he’ll bust out an onew condition any moment.

      my only complaint is that JINKI BECAME OH SO SKINNY!
      *watches Replay, then gasps*
      where’s the cheeks!?!?!

      • Jay
        LOL I agree. Onew is so cute and his hair doesnt help cuz it’s not fierce at all. Rather like a cute porcupine who just got out of bed XDDD

        Yea their performance was good. But the MV was some awesome eyecandy :D

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost a lot of weight. They’ve been releasing alot of stuff in a year. It’s like their good bye stage then 2 months later they have another comeback. SM T__T

  2. god answered my prayers, now if he can only answer the other one. Taemin kind of looked like hyungjoon, and I like the ring ding dong and cola cola cola dance, the one where they kinda side bend down and come up.

    America has their vampires and werewolves but Korea is getting their angels (SHINee and Hongki), I prefer the angel concepts going on, the dark and white angels.

    • What was your other prayer bb? Indulge me? :D

      The photoshoot = vampire-ish so I was worried that they were jumping on the vampire bandwagon as well. But then the teaser = wings so I was like ?? Dark angels? and was still :/ at it but like the MV was pretty awesome. So I approve :D

      • Oh really lol I didn’t bother to look at their photoshoot cause I was lazy and busy studying at that time, that explains the darkness thing they’ve got going on. And my other prayer is 2PM based, so I’m waiting for the Trinity to answer that one

        • I hope you’ve seen the photos by now missy >:|

  3. The live was pretty cool, because it’s SHINee and their lives usually >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the MV ^^

    What I didn’t like about the live was the whole black and red combo thing. The artists are already wearing black and red, why must the light displays be black and red as well? Camouflage?!?! It just made it much harder to see the choreography.

    The MV, on the other hand, is chock full of hot boys and awesome dancing <3

    Minho at 0:15 to 0:17 just proves why they should stop mutilating his hair. *_*

    Key will never stop reminding me of a hot vampire, complete with dark hair, pale skin and sexy intense stares.

    Jonghyun's feather coat actually looks all right to me as long as they only show up to his shoulders ._. Anything beyond that is overkill LOL.
    Other than that, he looks and sounds so perfect. _> (AND I HATE HIS VAMPIRE JACKET ;_;)

    Onew is just too awkward acting sexy LOL. He looks years younger in the MV and d’aww, the poor kid still doesn’t know how to smirk xD

    Ohnoez I write better topic sentences about SHINee MVs than in my essays >_<
    *shuffles off to replay MV*

    • Minho makes me guilty. Noona guilt that is hahaha. And I think Key looked really really good in here. See, I usually don’t really notice Key but like YOU CAN’T NOT NOTICE HIM HERE *____* They need to give Onew more scenes, I didn’t see enough of his cute awkwardness :( But overall, the MV was pretty damn good <3

  4. The’re sexy,they’re hot,they’re….PERFECT <3
    I'm in love in Key.Definitely.<3

    • Aww. Key definitely stood out here. Taemin looks so mature :3

  5. key rocked that hairstyle so much better than micky =X this song grew on me quicker than most so yaye for something yanking me back into shinee!

    • *i mean key rocked his hairstyle so much better than micky wore his, but then again… i don’t think even key could do anything w/ micky’s haircut for mirotic. it just looked similar to me =P

      • Yea! At first Key’s hair in the photos reminded me of Yoochun’s :// but then it looked really good in the MV. Like they curled it and hairstyled it and you could hardly notice the diagonal fringe and bowl cut. :DDD

  6. I’m supposed to be studying for my law exam later this morning but adfkjadskf wtv.

    It’s strange how Key can actually pull off that look. AND I SEE KIKI YAY. There are lots of wtf moments in there but I loved Key’s and Taemin’s “Butterfly” :D MinKey rap :DDD!

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to let Key drive lol. But it’s amaaaazing how he’s so good at projecting and all that. Jinki is a bit better in it now but he’s still the same LOLOMGTHAT’SAKID who wouldn’t fit in AMIGO’s “sexy” concept. XD

    I will never get tired of this: KEY REMINDS ME OF GIOVANNI. (And Giovanni is a cold-blooded killer dude lolz)

    • :OOO I DISAPPROVE. I hope you pawned that exam or I will be very very disappointed in you!!! XP

      Minkey’s rap was <3333333333 I loved it! Lol you can hardly call that driving hahahahah. Yea Key does the death stare really well. That biatch haha

      • If by “pawned” you mean having “ring ding dong ding ding dong ding ding” playing over and over in my head while trying to think of proper answers to the essay questions, then, yes, I did. :\

        It’s *flying* car. Putting Key behind the wheel, whether or not to drive, is still dangerous. XD He’s such a lovely biatch♥

    This is amazing!!! so worth the wait!!!

    Key points:
    Onew looks like sooo innocent and cute with that haircut =P
    Amazing dance moves.
    Explosion of charisma!!

    Minho stares =)
    I love taemin’s hair pulled back more. And what’s up with the milk? LOL.
    The dance when they say locolocoloco fantastic is really cute.

    I agree with the 0:23 comment, those dance moves are so slick.
    The water kicking was so COOOL! And the ring ding dong hip dance thing is happiness.

    The rap and breakout parts were very well done and ummm powerful? =P

    The part near the end where they come out of the SHINee sign, gave me goosebumps!! it was very cool! And at like 3:32 key does this thing with his hand. He like opens it then shakes his head. Loved it.

    Other comments:
    Jonghyun’s feather jacket is not bad.
    I love that loco loco dance =P
    The car part just makes me laugh =) and happy!!

    AHhhh!!! I love SHINee!!!

    • ONEW IS ADORABLE :3333 He needs to be put into a corner with a plate of biscuits whilst the others do their fierce thing hahahaha.

      The milk was rather random and should have been given to Onew instead lol. And yes, I loved the water dancing scenes. Their clothes weren’t that great in those scenes but all the water splashing everywhere was heaps cool.

      Aww you and practically everyone here loves SHINee <33

  8. all i can say is – TAEMIN IS DEFINITELY NOT 16



  9. oh, and i agree with those saying that the live was much better. mostly because the studio version is pretty heavy with autotune, and they choose to minimize the backing tune when performing it live. apart from their ‘elastic fantastic’ part, i think the rest are live and they pwned it, like derh.

    • Yea, but MV was awesome for eye candy haha

  10. did u guys notice their back up dancers thou? during their comeback… the dancers r so… *ahem*fat*ahem. guess that’s enough to discern the boys from the “background” ;d

    • I didn’t really notice the backup dancers cuz I was busy staring at the boys haha.

    • I noticed that too.
      Maybe they ran out of back up dancers?

  11. OHMYGOD, you guys!!

    this song is so officially stuck inside my brain! GAHH!!

    thanks for uplaoding them, now i cnt get them out of my head XDD


    • Same!!! It’s sooooooooooooooo catchy after you listen to it for awhile. We didn’t really upload the MV haha. Just reposted it but that’s ok :DDD

  12. i was loling watching the MV. idky. haha.
    anyhow, onew reminded me of henry. O_O
    and minho reminded me of donghae back in the days… XD

    and key… his hair keeps getting weirder and weirder by the new promotions. HAHA. he carries it well anyhow. ♥


      • lol. i don’t even know why i was loling! XD

  13. Do I see the next TVXQ?!?!

    • Maybe one day SHINee will take over Asia too :)

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