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091018 Inkigayo

Will be back to edit this in a few hours, after I finish battling it out with my studies haha. But look at the list of performers! Comeback from SHINee, a few million debuts, Goodbye stage from Kara and the regular awesome performances :DD And how could I forget Wooyoung and Taec’s return as MC <3333

SHINee (Comeback) – Ring Ding Dong PAS: I LOVE THIS SONG SO HARD *_____________* Definitely my favourite SHINee song. I’ve even cut the “ring ding dong” bit at the start to use as my ringtone XD This performance was AWESOME. Jonghyun is damn fine and omg WHEN DID TAEMIN GET SO BIG??? HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE SMALL AND LITTLE D; his little smiles during the “rocka rocka” bit make me smile ^___^ I wish they gave Onew more screentime, though, I barely saw his face :(

Mc Mong – Horror Show I don’t think we ever posted up Mc Mong’s Horror Show MV but IT WAS HILARIOUS! I loved it. I especially loved the cameo by Kang Ho Dong (1N2D <33) haha! Sad thing about the Horror Show performances is that there is no B.I boy D: Other than that, this song is awesome! Sorta like Circus, sorta like Indian Boy and well, very Mc Mong style XDDDD The little animations on the screen is cute hahaha. And some of his backup singers look really scary!

G-Dragon – A Boy I HATE GD’S HAIR WITH A PASSION. IT LOOKS LIKE A REALLY BADLY DONE WIG WHICH HE STOLE FROM SOME POODLE DDDDD: But damn, this is actually one of my favourites from his album. I love the chorus especially the “Remember back in the days…” part. And the way he sings it in a different voice, higher pitch? adds a nice touch. The MJ tribute was sweet <3 GD can rock that body! And the smile afterwards omg *__* Just get rid of that hair and I’ll still love you <3333 The ending was really cute with the sketch book and TAEYANG’S ALBUM COVER. BIG BANG LOVE ♥♥♥

BEAST (Debut) – Bad Girl PAS: I’m leaning towards MBLAQ right now, mainly because the “down, down let’s get down” bit in this song makes me want to smash my head against a wall :) LOL it reminds me of some really bad arcade-style video game XD;; BUT, I don’t mind the rest of the song, though the song isn’t sticking to me as well  as “Oh Yeah”, though that might be because they don’t repeat one line 100+ times throughout the song :P I really need to learn some names…. atm I really like the guy with black hair who sings first, and the guy with the cool hat, cos his hat is cool HAHA XD

MBLAQ (Debut) – Oh, Yeah PAS: I really don’t need to get into a new fandom rn, not with exams coming up D; Damn, Rain, why did you have to make such an awesome boyband >[ I was actually really :/ about MBlaq after I first heard the full song of Oh Yeah, cos um, they say “Yeah” wayyyy too many times XD But now, I don’t mind it so much anymore :) It has nothing to do with Lee Joon and his abs the song’s starting to really grow on me. I think they either need to fix their mics, or do something about their live singing, BUT to be fair, the choreography is INSANE and I would be dead on the floor if I had to do that dance, let alone sing at the same time XD THEIR STAGE PRESENCE IS AWESOME, THOUGH *______*

Kara (Goodbye) – Mister Last stage of “Mister” and they’re wearing gold, glittery pants this time. Everyone saw their performance the other day with the glow in the dark clothes yes yes? It was pretty cool!! I’m not the biggest Kara fangirl but their butt dance makes me and a million other fanboys melt into a puddle of goo *O*. IT IS HOT HOT HOT!! Everyone will definitely miss it haha.

RUN (Debut) – Strong Girl So….this is RUN hey? This is my first time listening to the song and watching him perform and I was slightly disappointed. All that hype from the other idols/celebrities? The song is standard, nothing spectacular or catchy. His singing is ok. A bit weak for my liking. His dancing is pretty good but with the onslaught of boy bands debuting lately, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this will work :/

T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Listen 2) WHY HAVE THEY NOT RECEIVED ANY AWARDS ON THE WEEKLY MUSIC SHOWS YET?!?!!? This song pawns most of the stuff out there and now with SHINee back into the scene, it’ll be harder for them D: I wanted them to at least get a few before SHINee came back hahaha… I like the red theme but what is that thing on Soyeon’s body?! XDD Other than that, she still sounds great <333

f(x) – La Cha Ta The hi5 between Victoria and Sulli at 0.19 was cute :D. I really don’t have much to say about their performances now because they’ve performed it so many times and I’ve watched so many performances hahaha. A remix soon, I assume? Or even better yet, new songs? :DDD

f(x) – Digital Chart Amber and Sulli are here. THEY’RE SO AWKWARD AND CUTE ^___^ ROFL I kept replaying Amber saying her name, her accent is sexy! And her “la la la” part during Seung gi’s thing was so cute, what a dork! They sounded really good singing TTL (Listen 2), I think this calls for a short cover on some radio show please!!!!


  1. You forgot to add WooYoung and Taec’s return as MCs!! :D SO happy to see them smiling again <3

    • Lol I remembered it, I just forgot to mention it. This is what studies does to you D:

  2. the way key did his “butterfly” thing today was hilarious xD and when onew started his verse his smile was soooooooo “onew condition”! :D

    • OMG ONEW WAS SO CUTE KAJFKLSJFSLK. He tried to do the FIERCE face and ended up failing so he gave the cutest smile. Omg so so cute haha.


    I am so glad. SHINee, MBLAQ and BEAST are great.

    @OfficalNyNy: RT @tweetmeme [Added Questions] K-Pop Fanfiction Forum | BabelPop

    • I’m glad the boy bands are all appearing now :D

      Did you give us that link for a specific reason?

  4. 0_0 Taemin fierce glared at the camera! me loves

    Woo Taec return and SHINee return assa!

    • Taemin has grown up :333

  5. WAhhh shinee performance! This one was actually quite a bit better than the other one. I can actually see all of them and the choreography.


    I wanna learn the rocko rocko and the ding ding dong choreo =P

    • Yea the camerman was better in this performance :D Jonghyun had so much charisma here, I was melting *___*

  6. Yay, screencap made me happy :D

    I still don’t like the title ‘Ring Ding Dong’ but damn the song is catchy and the choreography is FIERCE! Jonghyun’s got his smexy look down pat and TaeMin’s TALL now!!

    Right now the ‘Oh yeah’ in MBLAQ is annoying me but I think they’ve got better hair than Beast. I think I like Beast’s song better but it could change :P

    • Lol oh bb, after awhile you get over the whole fact that the song makes no sense and the title makes no sense and that “fantastic fantastic elastic elastic” makes no sense either hahaha. XDDDDDDDDDD

      I think Beast’s song and live > MBLAQ BUT MBLAQ does have a more hardcore choreo so I guess it’s not that fair to judge their lives like this. But yea, I get annoyed really easily with the “oh yeah yeah yeah” and the beginning rap is slightly weird haha

      • HAHA I was too busy goggling at the boys I didn’t even notice the lyrics XD Oh dear, kpop will put me in jail one day…lucky JongHyun’s older or I’d feel even more of a perv :P Fantastic elastic whee…new phrase!

        Beast’s got terrible fashion sense tho. I seriously do not like the hair of the first guy who sings/raps, it’s like a throwback to early 90s or something :S

        • Am I the only MBLAQ > Beast person here?

          I don’t like what they are wearing, either of them. The thing about MBLAQ is, if you get over the “OH YEAH” it’s actually an OK song.

          • Nope, MBLAQ > Beast for me too :)

            “oh yeah” is definitely growing on me, I’m actually starting to not mind it so much anymore :) And Lee Joon is hot, so that helps :Q__

            • You love his sexy rapping don’t you =P

              I don’t understand why GO has sunglasses on, is there something they are hiding?

              Measuring the screams: it seems like Mir is the most popular at the moment.

  7. yay for
    ~Taec+Woo returnin to Inkigayo^^
    ~SHINee Comeback!
    ~HOT KEY!!!!
    ~TTL. Listen 2. Its a REALLY good song :3
    ~f(x) cuteness ^_^; esp Amber's smexy english ;Q_____________

    What happened to Taegoons perf? D: D: D:

    Beast over Mblaq for me =/ and i agree with the horrific hair on G-Dragons head xDDD

    <3 I LOVE THE REALITY INDEX..(ES?); YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL ROCKS MY SOCKS! and the OST is soo amazing ^_^; and OMFG SHIN WOO IS *___________________* GAH. :3 Jeremy is so ditzy and cute <3

    • Oh Taegoon did perform, it’s just that I didn’t watch it hahaha. I’m…not the biggest Taegoon fan. ^^” But I’m sure you can find the performance on youtube.

      Yea, as of now Beast > MBLAQ for me too. But they’re both new, so let’s see what happens when they go on variety shows etc :D

  8. Okay, only watched SHINee because we all know how my biases roll. :/

    I liked this heaps better than their comeback on… MuCore? MuBank? D: EITHER ONE, the one on Friday. Their outfits are heaps better and the mic is really clear – you can really tell that they’re not lip-syncing. :3

    Um. Chyeah. I just loved this. *_________* alksnfdlkansfldk. I actually like the outfits, even if the all black on Onew, Taemin and Key make them look a bit weird/not part of it but :3 Key is looking oh-so-fine~ and Onew was socute, wtf, especially when he said “bad boyyyy” xD
    Jonghyun was really impressive, and I am continually impressed by Taemin, that boy. D< Really, his singing? LKNASFLKNAFLKSNF. ;____; He makes my life sad, trufax.

    • LOL. That’s ok, I think SHINee’s was one of the best performance of the day anyways :D

      I think it was Music Bank? But yes, their clothes are so much better here minus Jonghyun’s white feather jacket haha. And yes, it was very very live indeed. Jonghyun and his “hey” were obvious enough. Plus Taeminnie was slightly out of breathe hahaha. <3

      ONEW FAILS AT DOING FIERCE. He shouldn't even bother and just give us the puppy dog eyes and smile look cuz that's heaps adorable anyways!

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