Posted by: beckery | October 19, 2009

F.T Triple – “Love Letter” MV Teaser

Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube

F.T Triple reminds me of SS501’s “Triple S” subgroup haha. Anyways, members are Jonghun, Minhwan and Jaejin. From the teaser it looks like Jaejin is doing vocals and guitar, Jonghun on piano and Minhwan with drums :D I know Hongki is busy with his drama, but um what’s Seunghyun busy with??

The song sounds really promising. I’m no FTI expert but I think Jaejin has a nice, soothing voice that I find more suited for slow ballads like this rather than angsty rock ones, which Hongki rocks like no other hahahaha. Full MV is released on the 26th so watch out for it <3


  1. Seunghyun’s busy getting in my pants


      • T_________T Woman, do I look like I know why they named the subgroup F.T Triple? It’s better than most group names these days anyways.

  2. LOL you.
    yeah the triple thing reminds me of triple S too.
    Jaejin’s voice is so nice~~~
    And the 3 of them look damn good :)
    Im wondering whats seunghyun up to also…

    • hi5. Jaejin’s voice is nice, but sometimes he just needs to control it better in lives haha. Other than that, I’m looking forward to the song :D

  3. LOL @candychu

    SQUEE more F.T Island music!! I wonder why they’re releasing it so close to Lie though? Yay for JongHun on piano! I love HongKi and all but he gets way too much spotlight compared to the other boys :S

    • She’s gone crazy T_T

      They’re actually releasing a million things at the same time that I dont even know what they’re releasing/about to release/has released in the past month hahaha. Fail. But yea at least now everyone gets equal limelight yay! <3

  4. if seunghyun was in….

    f.t. quadruple.. – doesn’t roll of the tongue as well :D

    • Hahahaha. Well Seunghyun is busy with a variety show so I guess that makes sense that he’s not here?…sorta, not really, idk haha

  5. i can tell this mv was filmed in cebu. lol.

    AND JONGHUN, OMIGOSH. i love that boy. i am so happy jaejin’s getting more singing! :D

    • :D:D:D Jaejin is growing up is all i want to say haha

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