Posted by: lovediaries | October 19, 2009

Preview SHINee Mini Album Vol. 3 – 2009, Year Of Us

FML, SO THE MINI-ALBUM IS CALLED ‘YEAR OF US’. Omg ;_;, I went through so much editing the titles of all my posts. T__________________T MY LIFE, OMG.

01. Y.O.U.(Year Of Us) – FFFFFFFF I GAVE IN, I GAVE IN. THIS SONG ;~; ♥♥♥. I love Onew’s part “Years will come and years will go” and just Minho omg, GIVE HIM MORE LINES DAMNIT. But ugh, listening to the song while reading the lyric translations makes it a whole lot better lakdjfdsf <33.

02. Ring Ding Dong
03. Jo Jo
04. Get Down feat. Luna
05. SHINee Girl
06. 내가 사랑했던 이름 The Name I Loved

I can’t decide if I want to listen to the full tracks now or wait til I get my own copy ;~; I’ve already given my thoughts on each of the teasers anyway and plus, I’m capped, which is why I couldn’t watch last night’s Inki T^T sobbing. But…idk, I’ll come back tonight to edit :3.


  1. woo I just heard them .
    still love ring ding dong the most….
    and the last track :D
    onew’s voice is loveeee.

    • I’m being weird, I won’t listen to them but I keep whinging on twitter XD

  2. I knew it. Get Down is my new jam. \(^o^)/ I was really looking forward to Key’s part, but suprisingly I think Minho did better. It’s going on repeat.

    I love the harmonization in Y.O.U. b/c it shows how the group has matured from In My Room. Shinee Girl sounds like two songs remixed into one track. Catchy though.^^ I honestly love or can tolerate every song on the minialbum, so YesAsia here I come!

    • Really? Cause I actually prefer Key’s rapping to Minho’s but I’m looking forward to this~ Lol man I really need to order my copy.

      Yes, Y.O.U is just so beautiful <33

  3. my fav song is Jo jo

    • I still need to hear the full track of that *_*

  4. Are the lyrics out yet? I really want to start memorizing =P

    • Em, I’ve seen some hangul and romanisations so I think so. Try SFI? :)

  5. Haven’t listen to other than RDD so idk what to say, hehe.
    I’m planning on buying the cd… if there’s no repackage ._.

    • Yes! I’m waiting for (like last time) them to say “There will be no more repackages” before I go and order :/. Okay at least I have you who is with me in not listening til you get the CD haha <3

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