Posted by: lovediaries | October 19, 2009

Zhang Li Yin – 晴天雨天 MV

{credit: niewinnish @ youtube}

I heard this whole MV was just a picture slideshow? I refuse to watch until someone tells me otherwise/they film another MV (nah, I’ll watch it later tonight, probably). BECAUSE WTF, ZLY IS SUPPOSED TO GET THE BEST MV’S EVER. The ones that make people cry and gasp and make Siwon faces at. And Henry isn’t even in this as rumoured, though apparently he will be featured in one of her songs or something!?


  1. OKAY. WHY IS THERE NO EPIC STORYLINE? D< It's just pictures of Hae and Liyin BOO. I feel like I'm just browsing through an album jacket :\ Liyin doesn't get enough love from SM, srsly

    • I know, that’s why I’m so annoyed. After this long, they give her just a mini-album and a dodgy MV. Argh.

  2. yes i feel so sad for her too. ):
    still saving costs huh they.
    she deserved more…!
    the song’s nice.

    • She definitely needs more attention from SM :/

  3. They gave her a slideshow for an mv. THEY GAVE HER A SLIDESHOW FOR AN MV. As;dlkfj I was soo annoyed when I watched it. After all this time and those previous epic mvs, she ends up with this.

    Not exactly happy with this arrangement >:((.


  4. I am almost as pissed as I was for the lame MV “Seaside” got :[

    • HAHA I never even bothered with that MV XD

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