Posted by: beckery | October 20, 2009

Beast – Bad Girl MV

Credit: urasiansourceKpop

It’s taking forever, but I’m slowing getting all the names and faces memorised for Beast and MBLAQ. Give me a million years few more performances and I’ll be a-ok XD

For those who are also having a difficult time, based on the MV: The red and white striped shirt boy in the toilet and gets the most screen time is AJ (♥). Blonde cutie is Yo Seob. Dong Woon aka magnae is the one you don’t get to see at all when they’re in their dancing formation T___T. He’s also the one at 2 minutes. Jun Hyung is sunnies boy at 0.59. Leader aka Doo Joon is at 1.10. And lastly, Hyun Seung with his bowl cut :/ is at 1.40.

Ok on to the MV. I liked it :DD No plotline, just eye candies strutting their stuff and I’m fine with that. Alot of AJ bias in the MV, but that wink at 1.21 ALMOST KILLED ME *__________* He is so cute and all those cute facial expressions are win <3 I wish there was more Dong Woon because um, magnae should get more love .___. The dance interlude was really awesome, I especially liked their backdrop in that scene.



  2. OMG loved it! AJ’s “lovesick” and stare is enough to impregnate me, Yoseob is too cute for words, Doojoon’s head push move is awesome, I really really like them, not love them yet (sorry I love doojoon though, hot blood boys 4eva)

    • isnt is heartsick? althou he sings it as “hEErtsick” which makes me LOL every time

      • lmao you caught me! I don’t know what I was thinking, FTI maybe but doubts, thanks for the correction, it makes me lol everytime too

      • p.s. It makes my day having a person names Jay correct me ;)

        • HAHAHAHA bb you fail so hard <33333333

          As of now, I think they're pretty good. Not exactly in my top ranking groups yet but they can get there with time and improvement :D

  3. I like AJ! He’s the only one I recognize apart from bowlcut guy, and I just realized that I’ve mistaken chunglim for AJ all this time :S

    This song is stuck in my head!! Not long before I get motivated to learn names :D

    • LOl AJ was the first one from the group I recognised. Then it was yoseob, then dongwoon and I still sorta fail at the other three. Like I recognise their faces but their names are so hard to remember D:

  4. It’s weird for me o_O
    One of them looks like worse copy of G-dragon xDD

    • Lol Yoseob? Blondie? He’s actually rather cute sometimes :D

  5. XD I thought the blondie was the youngest. But danggg the maknae looks amazingly hot with his guyliner<3 He needs more screen shots and lines. I need more of his hotness.

    AJ's one hot…mama, er I mean boy XD.

    • Same same! I totally thought Yoseob was magnae but omg magnae is adorable and totally needs more screen time :x

      AJ is younger than me I think but that doesnt stop me MUAHAHA

  6. totally agree about dongwoon. that’s why having 6 in a group is sooo unwise. u cant even see all 6 of them in the ending pose. that *(#%@ AJ blocked 2 of them! *grrr*

    im loving dujun n yoseob ;)

    • Lol. AJ isn’t really to blame, more like the cameraman/PD/everyone else haha. It’s totally unfair because Dongwoon is adorable *___*

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