Posted by: beckery | October 20, 2009

SS501 – “Rebirth” Mini Album Review

The album was actually leaked yesterday (19th), though the release date was set for today (20th) DDD:

But that aside, ANOTHER BOY BAND COME BACK!!! The whole year was so full of estrogen that I was suffocating lol, but now that all these boy bands are having comebacks and debuts, it will be all nicely balanced ^^ Just let the curse of boybands end too please! That’s more than enough drama for a year.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t add “Crazy4U” into the mini album because of plagarism issues. I loved that song!! ._. Their title track isn’t as strong as I expected but a few listens can probably change that :D For a mini-album there was quite a big variety of genres, which I approve of. What did you think of it? Strong enough to compete with all the boybands out there atm?

01. WASTELAND – This is definitely a typical SS501 song and I love it ♥♥!!! It’s upbeat but there’s less autotune and they sound fantastic. The piano in the background is quite nice. Why couldn’t they promote this instead, it gets you bopping along and it just shows off their vocals more .___.

02. Love Like This (Negero) [Title Track] – *sighs* The autotune T___T I’ll need a few more listens to decide whether I like it or not. It’s not bad, quite catchy actually, especially the chorus. But other than that, it’s like everything else produced lately. D: Sorta forgettable?

03. 하루만 (Only One Day)The only ballad in the album and it’s gorgeous *____* They sound so mature and just simply amazing. I love this. The harmonisation is win. I want more ballads <3333

04. Obsess It’s quite a nice track. Mid-tempo, RnB-ish and me + Rnb = <333 “I’m obsessed with you, gotta be with youuuu~”

05. 완.두.콩(Green Peas)Ooooo the guitar is really nice in this song. And their voices are so pretty! It’s a nice change from all the autotune and the melody is really soothing. It’s the type of songs where you want to listen to whilst lying down on the beach, or in the middle of a sunflower field lol 8D It doesn’t even sound like they recorded it in the studio, more like they’re sitting around in a park and singing along with eachother ♥♥♥


  1. Green Peas I think is the fansong :)

    • Oooo no wonder. It’s so sweet :33

  2. Darn I can’t access any of those links :( guess it’s a sign to wait for the cd lol

    • Yea they were taken off youtube. I edited it with new links if you still wanted to listen to it :D

  3. I like Wasteland. Like, I like fast songs that are sort of mellow and dark.

    • Same :D Same :D

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