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You’re Beautiful Ep.4 Reality Index

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Dedicated to Creeper Hongki

Jang Geun Suk (Taekyung)’s eyes were bulging out of his head when he was swimming towards Minam – Plus 10, cos it’s really difficult to keep your eyes open underwater :)

Taekyung saved Minam but ended up drowning himself? LOL that is so much better than the hero saving the heroine and getting the classic “:O! YOU SAVED ME. LET’S GET MARRIED NOW” line – plus 20

LOL fans gathering outside A.N.JELL’s agency to thank Minam is sweet, though we all know that in rl fans would probably just send LV wallets to her or something like that – minus 5

UEE’s acting with the sick girl makes me want to bang my head on a hard object – minus 50. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, UEE, USE THOSE MUSCLES. Listen to Tyra Banks and SMILE WITH YOUR EYES :D

Why would a celebrity sit in the front seat of a van? – Minus 10

Taekyung’s disgusted face when he talks to UEE accurately reflects how I feel about her acting – plus 20

ROFL neat freak Taekyung would totally tell somone to take their dirty tissues with them XDD – Plus 20

WTF would the photographer take photos of UEE’s leg while she’s walking away T__T – minus 20

No celebrity van would have the name of the celebrity that they’re carrying painted on the back door. That’s like, an invitation for crazy fans to chase after them T__T – minus 30

Hongki chasing after Minam with a garden hose is WIN – plus 40

Super Shinwoo giving Creeper Hongki a taste of his own medicine and saving Minam is even more win – plus 50


Shinwoo living up to his Towel Boy name deserves some points – plus 20

LOL of course Taekyung is allergic to seafood XD I bet he’s allergic to peanuts and has asthma, too – plus 20

SHINWOO PLAYING GUITAR IS THE HOTTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. OMG. – plus 500. And Jung Yonghwa is a guitarist in rl so we all know he can actually play guitar – plus another 50

Park Shinhye looks cute with glasses – plus 20

Hongki stealing the drink that Shinwoo helped Minam open is cute – plus 10

LMAO, MINAM’S AGENT BOUGHT THEM A BAG OF ONIONS?? LOLOLOLOLOL WTF THAT’S HILARIOUS – PLUS 50. He should’ve brought them fruit, seeing as how fruit is part of Creeper Hongki’s staple diet :P

Awww Hongki’s a UEE fanboy – plus 30 cos he’s so cute, minus 20 cos he has bad taste

Of course Minam doesn’t know who Uhey is – plus 10

The “remembering-idol-names” game is awesome – plus 50. WE SHOULD ALL PLAY :DD

They used SNSD and SJ in their name game – plus 50, cos if you can remember the names of all the SNSD and SJ members, you can remember any group. They’re like, the advanced level for name learning XD

Minam knows the SJ members in age order – plus 20, cos she’s better than me XD

Even when he’s signing autographs for fans, Taekyung has a pissed off face XD – Plus 20 for consistency

Neat freak Taekyung’s pencils should all be sharpened already =.= – minus 10

Omg, Shinwoo holding Minam’s hand to help her learn how to do her autograph is so SWEET ;__; – plus 50

I’m disappointed that Hongki wasn’t lurking behind a bush or something when Minam and Shinwoo were talking – minus 20

Fail Taekyung can’t see in the dark XD – plus 20 cos it’s nice to have a male protagonist who’s not always ~perfect~

Taekyung watching his mummy’s show on his mp4 player is precious – plus 20

UEE’s acting makes me want to cry and hug Shinwoo ;___; – observation

Of course Taekyung’s mum wouldn’t know what the voice of her assistant sounded like, she’s a diva, y’all – plus 20

Spiking your coffee with vodka is such typical troubled diva behaviour – plus 30

SHINWOO WITH GUYLINER. UNFFFFFF. – PLUS 50. His headband is a little weird, though – minus 10

Jang Geun Suk should know that guitar players don’t just shift their hand up and down the guitar, you have to actually move your fingers, too – minus 20 for bad miming skills.


Lmao at how Hongki thought that Minam was sick cos she was crying XDDD – plus 20

But normally, if thought that someone was really sick you’d call an ambulance…not go off to find Shinwoo – minus 10. Though if I was sick, I’d rather have Shinwoo than an ambulance HAHAHAHAHAHA

Taekyung hugging Minam is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – plus 50


Ok, so most of my minus points were given to UEE… I really can’t stand her acting, though I guess this just means that it’ll be easier for me to dislike her character when Taekyung leaves her for Minam :DDD

They should give Shinwoo more guitar scenes :Q___ Jung Yong Hwa (Shinwoo) is actually the lead guitarist of a band called C.N Blue, so it’ll be nice for him to show off his skills a bit more (and look delicious while doing so ;) )

Can’t wait for ep.5, will get the index up by saturday night ~


  1. Squee!! I haven’t developed a bias towards anyone yet *shock* but TaeKyung, you’re growing on me!!

    ShinWoo + guitar = yummy

    TaeKyung is so vulnerable in this epi so sweet…especially when thinking about his evil mom D:

    HongKi!! Why are you so cute!!! <3

    Btw, I would totally add points for that scene of the boys at the swimming pool cos they were wearing white shirts :D +300!

    • I normally dislike the main guy (cos the second guy’s always sooo much better) but omg Taekyung is so lovable :3

      White shirts + water = happiness :))) HAHA

  2. if that’s not the cutest Jeremy pic I dunno what is

    “when Taekyang leaves her for Minam” did I miss something? were those two an item?

    • Lol no I was just guessing the storyline. I think Taekyung and Uhey do become a couple, but I doubt that they’ll last~

  3. OMG I love you index is super fun to read…..u forgot to comment on TK remark when said that his signature for GoMinam was better than the one Shinwoo made for her….plus 100 cause we know TK is conceited……to the max LOL…..he calls GoMinam “fickle”LOL


  4. OHMYGOD!! i want to watch this so badly!! >.< only i don't have time for it.damn damn.arghhh!!

    thnx fr putting the index up~
    i feel like i should be looking out for these scenes when i finally get to watch the drama XDD


    • Aww that’s ok, just watch it when you have time :) I hope my index didn’t spoil anything for you~

  5. hahaha! i’ll give more points for taekyun drowning.. it was really funny and unexpected! :)))

    when i was watching it, i was like ” you WILL NOT give her mouth to mouth underwater to give her the air she needs!!” cos that happens all the time when they can’t get out of the water cos somebody else is there and the male lead has no other choice but to save the girl by giving her air..puhlease..and i was glad i didn’t happen..but never expected he’ll be the one drowning!! hahaha..really funny!!

    and when he gained consciousness, took off minam’s hand from his..with all his effort..hahahah!! win!! :)))

    but uee..uhm le’s totally forget her..i don’t wanna ruin my mood..hahaha!! sorry.. :)))

    hongki “what are you?” then sprays minam with water.hahaha!! really funny..and his imagination!! aww jeremy we really love you!! but darn..a fan of uee..tsk tsk tsk.. oh yeah and crying with angelina jolie..puahahaha!!!

    the name game! haha! snsd and suju the advance level..LOLed really hard with this.. :)))

    and the hug..really made me “awww” at that part..poor shinwoo..he had to witness that..

    can’t wait for the next ep..its tomorrow!! and the index as well..excited as to what you’re going to say.. :)))

    *i didn’t put much attention to shinwoo since you guys are doing that already..there has to be some balance here..right?? hahahaha!! *

    • Omg that underwater mouth-to-mouth thing happens in EVERY ASIAN DRAMA DDDD; So glad the YB writers didn’t use it ~

      LOL I’m not against UEE, I just think that her character is really annoying XD

      Omg, that hug at the end was so sweet/sad. POOR SHINWOO DDD; I wanted to reach into the screen and hug him <3

      And yep, everyone else is already very ldkajflskjd about Shinwoo, so you can fangirl Taekyung/Jeremy instead LOL

  6. LMAO. the comments i had for your ep 3 review should be placed here. XD i am so fail. HAHA.



  7. I love your index!!! I’ve watched up to ep. 4 so far and I like it.
    I just wanna add something: when Uee got into the van, I’m pretty sure there was a driver in the driver’s seat because the van moved out of the parking lot straightaway. How come the driver didn’t say anything to her when obviously, he was supposed to be surprised that there was someone who just randomly got into his van who wasn’t the celeb he was supposed to be driving around?
    Also, what was Taekyung doing, sitting alone in the parking lot inside his van when the van could’ve attracted unwanted attention? They weren’t waiting for anyone because as soon as Uee got out of the van, the van left.

  8. tiffany, jessica, taeyeon, seohyun, yoona, yuri, sooyoung, sunny, hyoyeon – SNSD

    yesung, leeteuk, hankyung, heechul, shindong, kangin, kibum, kyuhyun, ryeowook, donghae, eunhyuk, siwon, sungmin- SUPER JUNIOR!

    i did this w/o looking it up. x] so proud!

    • btw, i love this index! HILARIOUS!

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