Posted by: beckery | October 21, 2009

Beast – Beast is the B2ST Mini Album Review

This is a bit overdue but with all the things released recently, you really can’t blame me, can you? Haha better late than never anyways XDD

For those unsure whether they want to bother giving this group a try, I’m here to give you a push and shove XP I’m liking what I’m seeing and hearing so far. I know, they’re not what you would call “original” in both image/concept and musical wise, but honestly, originality is getting pretty hard to come upon nowadays. So just give them a try and if you like what they’re churning out and their looks, then you would have earned yourself new boys to stalk :DD No loss right?

01. Beast Is The B2ST Their intro track. I wouldn’t have a clue which voice belongs to who at this stage but there’s singing and rapping so I guess everyone took part? It’s a pretty catchy and powerful track. I actually wouldn’t mind if they made this into a full track.

02. Bad Girl Refer to my MV post because I’m lazy like that lol.

03. Mystery This is the other song with autotune in it T_T Not a big fan of autotune overdose here. But other than that the song is pretty darn catchy. I listened to it in the car before I left for class and had the “You tell me tell me why, you show me show me why” and “Mystery mystery girl” part stuck in my head throughout the whole tut LOL. It was a pain cuz everyone would be really quiet and I would have the biggest urge to start humming XDDDD

04. 아직은 (Yet) One of the slower tracks on the album. Mid-tempo RnB. My favourite YAY! The song is probably my 2nd favourite off the album <33!!! I prefer their true voices so much more than their autotune voices. The guy speaking engrish at the beginning has a really cute voice, anyone know who it was? The “oh shit” at 1.25 was pretty funny hahaha. I’m so immature ^^

05. Oasis HELLO FAVOURITE SONG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This reminds me of a million other Pop/RnB songs but lol, I still love it. A plug for their live performance of it. Impressive live for a rookie group. Wtf at Yo Seob’s clothes but his voice is niceee~


  1. omo i have yet to listen to their album but idk why but even with the bazilion groups debuting, this is one of the few i’m kinda interested to pay attention to. maybe influenced by my younger sister. she was showing me clips from their reality show and they can sing!

    i hope they won’t end up like A’ST1 though. lack of effort from the company maybe but huge talents going to waste!

    • Good choice :D You should give them a try. Nothing extremely GREAT but first debuts are rarely awesome anyways. And since they can actually sing, there’s potential for improvement :D

      Yea, A’ST1 sorta just…disappeared :/

  2. I like them! :)
    I was like anyone esle, going: ohh another boy group.
    but heyyyyy i think they are not bad!
    hope CUBE will be making it big haha.
    my fav. song is oasis too!
    I cant decide btn others cause they all sound nice to me xD
    yo seob is so cute….

    • :DDD I don’t mind the boy band influx, because the amount of girl bands were slightly annoying me hahaha. I need more variety shows to determine my favourite but they look like nice boys :D

  3. Cause I’ve got enough of bazilion dance/autotune songs out there, I pick the last two (Yet and Oasis) as my favs :)
    I love how they incorporated soft rapping to the song

    • I know right. All that autotuning is getting a bit too much now. Normal voices are perfectly fine with me T_T But yea, I like their slow songs better too :D

  4. oh btw the guy speaking for the intro could prolly be the maknae? cos i read that he’s supposedly fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin?) :)

    • Oh do you think? I should try to rmbr voices, that should help haha. THough I’m having trouble remembering faces and names as it is, voices will have to wait. Thanks though~

  5. gah i love your review on the album!
    i agree with everything you say. ^^
    Beast, i think these boys will make it far.

    & i think the guy speaking at the intro is kikwang.

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