Posted by: lovediaries | October 22, 2009

ELLE & Cosmopolitan November Issue feat. f(x)

Um, both shoots are GORGEOUS. Added more scans from the Cosmopolitan shoot!

Embedding Sulli because THIS GIRL MAKES FOR AN EXCELLENT MODEL ♥. Like out of all five girls, I think I actually like Sulli’s pictures the most (biases aside). :).


I love all of Sulli’s solo shots and that picture of her and Victoria is so gorgeous <3. Amber looks really good in the first pic *_* But in the Cosmopolitan shoot, I wish they didn’t have to cover her face :/.

So from the new scans, I can conclude that I really dislike everyone but Krystal’s makeup. Idk, Amber looks sort of …dead D: And Luna is so gorgeous but she always ends up looking sort of awkward in these magazine shoots :/.


  1. yep! sulli’s my all-time fav ;)

    • That girl is so cute but she can look really grown up too <3

  2. Wow Amber looks really prety 4th pic 2nd to last line. Her solo page is kinda creepy though…

    • Yeah I was full D: looking at her solo page XD. Strange eyeshadow going on there…

  3. sulli makes a wonderful model, i agree. she looks awesome!

    • I hope she gets to do more shoots in the future, even if just by herself :)

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