Posted by: lovediaries | October 23, 2009

091021 SHINee @ ChinChin Radio

I have to wait til tomorrow morning to be able to watch this :(. Wait for meeee~!!! Lol. You can watch the whole show HERE. No Minho because he was filming for Dream Team. I need to watch that, the ep with Junho has been subbed already~ And then Hyuk was on (assuming that’s the one they were filming) :D.


‘Ring Ding Dong’ & ‘Y.O.U’ – Unffff I love it when Onew wears collared shirts and sweaters. HOW CUTE DOES HE LOOK!? ;~~;. I love Jonghyun’s opening lines, it’s what wakes me up in the morning haha ♥. Key just can’t stop moving can he? I love how Onew did his butterfly when Key was singing his line. I loved Key’s face scrunching during the fantastic etc. part keke. Taemin is so cute singing with a hand on his hip ahaha. Key did Minho’s rap *_*. And then all the OnTae omg ;_________; cries. I think Onew was telling Taemin to do things at the camera alskjflsjdf idk, they’re so cute. Onew’s :DDDDDDDD face totally makes my day <3.


KEY’S FACE AT 5.04 when they were singing ‘Y.O.U’…DID ANYONE ELSE FIND THAT A LITTLE TOO SEXUAL!? But otherwise it was a very pretty performance (though, Taemin got a little nervous in the 2nd verse lmao). I’m covered in goosebumps right now haha.

‘Get Down’ – They didn’t actually perform this so I skipped it. Hopefully Key and Minho will be able to perform it live with Luna ~

Onew singing ‘Clockwork’ – YUUUS ANOTHER ONEW COVER <3. I AM MELTING BEFORE HE EVEN STARTS SINGING lolol. “I…I can wait for you-u“. Why couldn’t the whole song be in English ;~~;!? Oh well, Onew still closes his eyes and gets really into his songs, so that’s all that matters ♥____♥. He always chooses such pretty/sad/beautiful ballads … *sniff sniff*.


  1. I think Luna sang Clockwork too on one of their radio appearances before

    • REALLY!? Either I don’t know the title of the song or I haven’t actually heard her cover it D:

    • i want to hear luna’s too
      omg onew and luna are gorgeous gorgeous ppl with lovely lovely voices *O*

  2. ok so im slow, it was a response video to onews

    totally synching them together now XD
    aww they’re different pitches ><
    they should duet already~ i love this duo even more than the other one :D

    • Are you talking about Luna and Onew? Omg yes, that would be epic and it’d sound better than “A Year Later” LOLOL.

  3. aww man onew!!!
    asakdjsdkjsf i totally melted

    • and i forgot to add that those pics with the bear is so darn cute
      ^o^ yeah i know, how nice to imagine you are the bear…

      • OMG I KNOW, they’re so cute snuggling with that massive teddy ;~;

    • he has that effect on people *_*

  4. this one :)

    • Thank you <3

      Hm I wonder why WP didn't auto embed that O.o

      • i came up with a theory: it is not embedded if you type another line below.

        • Really? Should I try? lol brb spamming.

        • HAY YOU’RE RIGHT! Though I’m sure I’ve linked a video before and commented underneath. Hmmm /rubs chin.

  5. key the sexface queen :Q….

    do you watch the whole show? if not then you MUST!

    • Lmao no I don’t watch things (usually) unless they’re subbed :/. MY KRN ISNT AS PRO AS YOURS!

      • lolwhat pro?
        my friend who took krn in Uni has became a subber after her first yr.
        and you WILL too :)


          Idk, my lecturer uses a txtbook 10 yrs old. I feel really out of date with the Krn I learn. AND I STILL RLY SUCK ;_;. Omg I’m jealous of your friend :(.

        • haha idk. they use natives and lots of the students were already familiar with krn so yeah.

          • I have a different lecturer nxt year for level 3 & 4 so hopefully the teaching is better :/

          • yes goodluck with ur study ^^

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