Posted by: lovediaries | October 23, 2009

091021 Ystar Star Ent. News – Making of Ring Ding Dong

{credit: sfinee @ youtube}

Dawww @ Minho spelling out ‘SHINee’ hehehe. And Onew sitting down talking about his clothes falling about is so precious lmao. That’s actually pretty clever, the design of their blazers. I think they’re just badges all pinned on? I hope there’s a longer clip of BTS filming. I loved the part where they danced in the water :).


    hahaha this was the first behind the scenes thingy i have watched since their comeback.
    hehe and boy, their cuteness shows again :D
    esp. taemin and onew in this vid!
    LOL at onew that his clothes are nice, but it keeps dropping and he got to put them back? LOL
    such a treasure~~~~~

    • You’re welcome :).

      Haha that boy is so previous <3

  2. taemin’s so cute! minho’s fierce face is a fail too. hahaha.. especially when they’re doing live shows, his mouth gapes to one side..

    shinee! when r u all gonna have a concert!! do more FULL albums!


  3. ahh they need to do a show again, I miss their cuteness. No matter how much they try to grow up, I still see them as my little brothers (Well except for Jong Hyun and Onew for their age).

    lol it’s kinda awkward hearing onew saying ‘bad boy’ when he seems so…dorky XD. And Tae Min’s still a adorable quirky kid.

    • Ngl, Onew’s ‘bad boy’ is one of my favourite lines haha. His voice is just so smooth and rich when he sings those two words *_*

  4. there’s a longer 7 mins vid but no sub?

    • Well hehe I need subs. I AM NOT YOUR OTHER FRIEND!!! I need my English ;~;

      • lmao I’m okay with it as long as I can see the boys.

        action speaks louder than words ya know XD

        • Well, tbh, SHINee are the only people I watch unsubbed things with but if I know subs will come out then I will wait :). I can be very patient you know :)

          • You should watch the longer one. Jonghyun comes up to the camera and tugs on his leather pants to show how they snap back into place. This made my year okay?

            • LOL I heard about that! I’m so tempted to watch an unsubbed 7 min video just to watch Jjong play with his thighs … em, I mean pants.

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