Posted by: beckery | October 23, 2009

SS501 – Love Like This MV Teaser

Credit: hoonfami @ youtube

Firstly, LOOOL at Hyungjoon’s puffy hair. Magnae, what did they do to you O__O!?!?! Though Jungmin’s hair isn’t that great either haha. Secondly, I thought they got henna tatoos all over their body but I think it’s actually just a tshirt rofl XD But man all that guyliner is looking yummilicious. So much better than their album photos. <3


  1. Okay I’m glad you pointed out the T-shirt part b/c I would be freaking out otherwise.XD I’m a bit technoed out this year so the song will need to grow on me, but the guys themselves are looking great. I can’t wait to see them on shows again!

    I was feeling sort of guilty for completely ignoring them(and DBSK) during their time in Japan, but now they’re back so nbd.\:D/

    • HAHA. I had to PAUSE at that part to make sure cuz I was flipping out myself. GROSS GROSS GROSS. Yea, I’m a bit autotuned out myself T_T which is probably why I really enjoyed Wheesung’s album *___* (off track haha)

      Yea, I fail at keeping up with the groups’ activities whilst they’re in Japan/China etc. haha. It’s just so hard D:

  2. They overly sexified kyujong but they overly under sexified and made maknae a new kind of poodle. The mv got released it seems but I have yet to see. They look great though.

    • HAHAHA. So true. I don’t mind them over sexifying Kyujong because I’m biased like that but do not want at Baby’s hair :/

      Oh I will post the MV up when I watch it. Thanks <3

  3. HAHA! I totally had to go back and watch to see the “tattoos”! I’m new to SS501, but get this, my mom adored BOF and was actually the one who pointed me in their direction!! She likes KHJ!

    Is it just me or is there cute engrish in this song?? lubbbb, lubbb like this?

  4. wow, such an awesome teaser <3
    The song is flipping CATCHY!!! :D

    the only thing im not satisfied about is Hyung Joonie Baby's hair D: -cry in vain- WHAT DID THEY DOOOOOO?~~ + the tattoo shirt X) lolz, hopefully Baby's stylist will grow to like him D:

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