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091024 Music Core

Okay so tonight, SS501 weren’t the only group to have a Comeback – it was also SHINee’s Comeback :D unfortunately they got no special stage /stab stab stab. 4Minute have also started promoting “What A Girl Wants”. “I Won’t Give” was my favourite off their mini-album so I’m a little sad over that haha.

PAS posted the SS501 Comeback performance, but here are all the others :).

4Minute : What A Girl Wants – I still don’t know faces-names (I know Jiyoon – gurl is soooo pretty ♥, Hyuna and Magnae but not her name lmao. Any help with the others? :)) hehe so I don’t have much to comment on but I like this look more than their other concepts. It’s slightly easier on the eyes (and omg their heels are so pointy XD I didn’t even realise they were wearing heels til the very end. They danced with such ease in them, so kudos to them!). It was a pretty solid performance :).

f(x) : Lachata – Why did they cut the performance short? :/ SULLI’S HAIR IS SO AWESOME OMG LOLOL ♥. How did they do that!?

Beast : Bad GirlBec: Ooooo I like this set of clothes :DDD Especially if Yoseob doesn’t have that black helmet/thing on his head :/ They sound really good here, but the camerman totally sucks. Hello, AJ’s shoes!! T___T Maybe try focusing on Dongwoon more would be useful. MAGNAE NEEDS TO BE PUT ON A RAISED PLATFORM. I can’t see him at the back ;___;

Hwanhee : Because I Missed Your HeartBec: FTTS together > Hwanhee’s/Brian’s solo. Just saying haha XDD Hwanhee’s hair sorta makes him look mean here :/ but the sounds coming out of this guy is impressive. He’s always so spot on and sings so damn well even after all that dancing. First time listening to the song and it’s sounding ok :D

MBLAQ : Oh YeahBec: Contrary to what PAS stated before, I’m really not team Beast, but rather Team Hyuk rofl. TBH, I think Beast’s lives are more stable and consistent and I do like their minialbum a bit more than MBLAQ. But who cares what I think anyways. The fans are loving these guys and I can see why. Stage charisma, they’ve got it!!!! Thunder is so cute in this awkward way hahaha. He’s got that innocent thing going for him whilst all the others are “roar I’m sexy and I know it”. Especially Joon and his smirks and shirt lifts *_*

SHINee : Ring Dong Dong – I’m sorry but WHY DIDNT THE FANS GO NUTS AT TAEMIN’S JACKET STRIP!? I’ll pretend they were all shocked into silence because I was like biting my fingernails HAHA. Anyone know why Minho and Taemin swapped places? It’s nice having Minho in the middle since he’s the tallest and boy needs more screentime to make up for lack of lines, but it’s odd seeing Taemin on the side, no? I wonder if they’ll keep this up.

Onew made a mistake with the choreo. He’s such a cutie omg, I was just sorta waiting for a voicecrack (I’M HORRIBLE, AREN’T I?) but him doing the wrong move and just pausing for half a second is better. Fans went crazy over that lmao.

I wanted them to wear their black & grey outfits (the one that Onew complained was falling apart) but they ended up wearing their other outfit in their mini-album. I guess the other one wouldn’t be wise to dance in since it…falls apart haha, but I thought those outfits were sexy so I hope they do it soon :).

T-Nova : TTL Listen 2 – I seriously have the biggest girl crush on Soyeon *_*. She is SO hot with that red hair and I love her electric blue dress ♥. And Jihyuk is really very good looking. Like at first I thought he was sort of strange looking but that strangeness has now turned into attractiveness and I kinda can’t stop staring at his face ♥____♥. Also, I SWEAR KWANGSU IS WEARING A SHINY RUBBER GLOVE XDDD.

Taegoon : Betrayed – I forgot how much I loved the choreography for this ♥. I love coming back and watching Taegoon performances after a while to see/hear how he’s improved :). He’s sorta changing his strategy and not singing the full song (only half the chorus at a time) but tbh, I don’t mind because at least he stops moving his mouth completely and isn’t lipsynching so he isn’t deceiving anyone :). Boy is working hard, I can see!!!


  1. I’m starting to like Bad Girl and B2ST in general.(The little blonde one is so cute!^,^) MBLAQ on the other hand, I’ve tried and failed twice to make it through a whole perf. The song just annoys me to the point where I know it won’t grow on me later. Sorry dudes. lol

    Shinee was good, but they must be working too hard already.-.- Voice cracks and forgotten moves. (Sulli forgot the moves at the end of Lachata too.) Taemin however seemed to be feeling sexy that day. Oh dear…

    Taegoon was amazing*.* I officially love the choreography for that song. That being said, maybe he should try a power ballad next.

    • The blonde one is Yoseob ^__^ hehe.

      Yeah I don’t like Oh Yeah that much but I’m sorta addicted to listening to it, idk ;~;.

      I noticed Jonghyun’s voice crack too but he turned around and was all :DDD.

      I wonder if Taegoon will ever since ballads :/. It’d be exciting :).

  2. I’ve watched everything except Hwanhee’s perf, I fail.

    I share your sentiments about the falling-apart outfit, it was my favourite outfit from the MV *_*

    Unfortunately, MuCore is not the main reason for this comment.

    It’s a suggestion for your next Laugh of the Day segment!

    Watch out for 2:20, you might bust, like, ten million ribs from it.

    Happy laughing~ :D

    • Ooh thank you for that, I’ll go watch it now XD.

    • LOOOL LOOL OMG XD. But was that meant to be funny? Or was the guy seriously trying to show his talents? I feel bad XDD.

  3. 4minutes performance was very solid. Their vocals were very good.

    Ring Ding Dong: another nice performance; lol at onew’s mistake. Iunno for some odd reason I’m not that excited anymore, maybe because I am sleepy or maybe because I had the song on replay for like the past week and have heard it 200 times already =P

    • Yeah before, I could never finish a 4Minute performance but this one really was good. They seemed more natural/less try-hardish ^^;;.

      Aww but the performances are always something to look forward to (for me, anyway) because there’s always something different :3.

  4. they shortened RDD. i was surprised minho’s in the centre too during rocka rocka. i like taemin better! make him go back to centre!!

    hwanhee’s debut as solo was great. he’s an awesome singer n the song is actually pretty good. i think ill like it more after a few more listens.

    wondering where taehwa went thou? he’s only done 1 week of perfs!!! i want the fallen angel backkk!!!

    • Ooh I watched Taehwa’s MV :D. It was really nice, though a little too bright for my liking, but the skinship in it was cute hehehe ^^

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