Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 24, 2009

MBLAQ – Just BLAQ Mini Album Review

From left to right: Thunder, Mir, Seung Ho, G.O and Joon

From left to right: Thunder, Mir, Seung Ho, Joon and G.O

Haha this review is long overdue, isn’t it XD

Anyone who’s been reading our posts recently would know that Beckery is Team Beast while I’m Team MBLAQ, so because she did an album review for Beast, I thought I’d do one for MBLAQ :D

Tbh, I had really low expectations for MBLAQ cos it’s Rain’s first time producing a boyband, so I didn’t expect them to be too great. But um, I now think that they’re amazing XD I don’t even mind the name anymore, I’m just pretending that it’s not an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality XD. At the moment my favourite boy is Joon, but I might change my opinion after a few variety shows :P

Oh Yeah

When I first saw the teaser for this song, I was reaaally excited *__* But then I heard the full song and hated it cos I thought they sang “oh yeah” way too many times XD However, after giving it a few more listens (and watching some live performances) I’m actually starting to like this song. I’m even finding the “Oh Yeah”s really catchy XD And for those who have seen the live performance of this, you have to admit that Lee Joon’s abs the choreography is pretty amazing ;)

G.O.O.D Luv
Hmm, I think this is my least favourite song on the album :/ It’s not a bad song, it’s actually quite catchy and the overall melody is quite nice, but omg how many times do they have to say “Good Love” T__T

My Dream

Favourite song on the album! This is a really nice ballad, and is such a good break from all the autotune XD This song really shows off their singing skills, imo, and I really hope that they’ll perform this live soon :)) I don’t think Mir or Thunder got any lines in this song, but at the moment the only voice I can recognise properly is G.O’s XD


  1. Contrary to what you believe, I am not “Team Beast”. Just that I have more favourites from Beast than MBLAQ haha.

    But I adore Mir, who, if my memory serves me correct is from MBLAQ. SO TAKE THAT BACK before I get MBLAQ fans up my ass T___T

    • I didn’t say you were against them, I just meant that you think Beast > MBLAQ and you do, so there xP

      And I adore Boy with Hat from Beast, but that doesn’t make me a Beast fan, does it xPPPP


  2. Hey you guys! LOL at your bickering. I can’t decide which group is my fave too and I’m having a huge fangirl crush on both Lee Joon and Lee Ki Kwang (basically the hot chocolate abs boys LMAO you gotta love ’em equally) and I agree Rain did a pretty good job with the concept, choreography and training of this group for a first time producer. Though adding Thunder at the last minute w/o explaining why Sang bae got cut was random. But it gives them more cred that’s for sure, what with all the idol sibling rave nowadays.

  3. Oh and can I just add, G.O is doing the hot mysterious member in sunglasses ala 4minute’s JiYoon LOL

  4. lol the torn up shirts with holes in the performances makes me conclude thunder has no nipples D: You’re right you have to listen to Oh Yeah a few times to actually not get annoyed by the Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah~~

  5. Still annoyed by ‘Oh yeah’ XD BUT I think MBLAQ has more eyecandy and Beast has better lives :D Still tht could change and right now my fav is Thunder I think because I actually remember his name and what he looks like!

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