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You’re Beautiful Ep.5 Reality Index

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Taekyung and his teeth wants you to keep reading~

Been heaps busy with end of semester assessment recently so this is a bit late :( I’ve replied to all your comments on the last index, sorry it took me so long .__.

Wouldn’t the reporter know that Taekyung was standing outside his own group’s dressing room and not UHey’s? – Minus 10 cos gossip reporters are meant to be smarter than that.

Taekyung thought that Minam dressing as a girl was weird – Plus 20 because he didn’t have the normal reaction, you know, the one where the guy sees the girl dressed up and looks at her like she suddenly grew 9 heads or something.

The reporter chasing Taekyung around the building made me laugh XD – Plus 5

Plus 10 at how the reporter was standing on tippy toes when he was talking to Uhey XD He should get himself some shoelifts~

Ok, if the leader of a real-life boyband let one of his members leave before holding a big press conference and tell their agent that he’ll handle it, he would get in trouble. A lot of trouble – Minus 10

The boys throwing a party for Minam is the cutest thing ever – Plus 10. Another plus 5 for Hongki’s party hat XD

“Taekyung hyung didn’t do anything” – Plus 20 HAHA, HONGKI YOU’RE SUCH A NARK XDDD

Hongki explained how when A.N.JELL first started, the group “relied” on his imitations to get screentime, and even now everyone always laughs when he does it on shows – Plus 50 cos EVERY idol group in Korea always has to be able to imitate someone when they go on variety shows

Shinwoo said that he’s already sick of Hongki’s imitations because he’d seen them so many times – Plus 200 You know that after watching your group member do the same thing on every single variety show you go on, you’d want to punch him in the face whenever he does it again XD

LMAO at how they’ve got DVDs of the variety shows they’ve been on XDDDD – Plus 50

LOL I’m sure they were nervous when they just debuted, but that’s no excuse for Hongki to walk like a chimpanzee XDDD – Only minus 1 cos chimpanzee!Hongki is still adorable :3

Why is A.N.JELL’s manager such good friends with the tabloid reporter? – Minus 10

Taekyung changing his hair just because Minam thought he looked hotter when they’d just debuted is SO CUTE :3333 – Plus 30

Why were the boys watching a fashion talk show during their lunch break? That’s…kinda weird :/ – Minus 10

Shinwoo in a suit with sunglasses :Q_______ – Plus 100

Um, I’m pretty sure that the items Shinwoo brought to “disguise” himself and Minam are useless. White specs and a curly wig? Really? C’mon, Shinwoo, you’re smarter than that – Minus 30

I’ve just noticed that Jung Yonghwa (Shinwoo) has really cute teeth, they’re like, kinda crooked and uneven LOL XD :B


Jung Geun Suk did a really good job with the angst, he actually made me feel really sad for Taekyung D; Normally I start laughing whenever the main guy has an angst moment (ILU Lee Minho XD) but Jang Geun Suk made it really convincing – Plus 50 for good acting :)

Would Shinwoo really go into the Womens toilets to find Minam? Yes, yes he would, he’s awesome like that :) – Plus 20

Of course Taekyung wouldn’t know how to get home, celebrities get driven EVERYWHERE – Plus 10

That huge ice cream thing they kept walking past looks really yummy :Q___

Why is Shinwoo always eavesdropping from the balcony? It’s like Hongki and fruit – Plus 10 for consistency

LOL of course Taekyung wouldn’t want to share a room with Minam, he’s probably scared of getting girl-germs :P – Plus 10

I’m sorry, but A.N.JELL’s stylist is an idiot – Minus 50

Taekyung can’t sleep with the light off? Then he should get a night light instead of having a SUPER BRIGHT room T__T

Too all the kids watching this: Please do NOT taser your neck, YOU WILL MOST LIKELY DIE and not fall on a hot boy like Taekyung – Minus 30

This ep was good, but omg my poor Shinwoo bb ;________________________; the writers are even more horrible to him in the next ep, but I shall save that rant for the next index :)


  1. OH, i haven’t watched this. i tried a few times and the video always wouldn’t load. T_______T

    my seatmate’s spoiling the whole thing for me. rawr.


    • Pft, I’d rather be Shinwoo’s girlfriend HAHA. Though I wouldn’t mind being Minam if that means I’ll get Taekyung, Shinwoo AND Jeremy. Some girls just hav it all .__.

  2. my national exam starts tomorrow and yet i still cannot resist it (I SHOULD BE STUDYING DDDD: )

    minam is so dense she can’t sense shinwoo likes her~ >.<
    poor shinwoo )))):

    i was wondering how taekyung doesn't wake up even though minam practically SLAMMED onto his chest HAHAHAHA.

    • GOOD LUCK :333 *Throws one of Hongki’s apples at you* :)

      Lmao, if I was Minam, I’d start to suspect Shinwoo of liking men HAHAHAH

      Ikr, I thought Taekyung would be a light sleeper, seeing as how he’s so picky about everything else in life XD

      • ooooh thank you (((((:

        LOL obviously minam is also too dense to realise that HAHAHAHA.
        but if that happens it should look something like hana kimi xDDD
        oh wait,jeremy is already doing that “omg i don’t wanna be gayyyyyyyy~~~~ T^T” thing already ;D

        for someone who says he can’t sleep without lights on, he sure can sleep well o.O”’

        • Yea, Jeremy’s character reminds me SO much of Nakatsu! I love Nakatsu, favourite Hanakimi character <3

      • ohhhhhh thank you ((((((:

        LOL but apparently minam is also too dense to even think about it =.=
        but if she really suspect it’;; really look like hana kimi?
        oh wait, jeremy is already doing the “omg i don’t wanna be gayyyyyyyyy >.<;;;" thing already HAHAHAHAHA!

        for someone who says he can't sleep without lights on, he sure is sleeping tight isn't he? keke xDDD

  3. this drama just keeps getting better.
    and Uee, she’s just so effective as a fake fairy. hateful! HAHAHA

    can’t really choose anyone of the three for minam bec they’re all adorable.
    well, i’d like to keep shinwoo for myself. he’s like the epitome of being a “third-party”
    seriously, I DIED in episode 6.

    and anybody here who’s fan of TK’s lip action when he’s grumpy?!

    • What can I say, Uhey really isn’t a very difficult person to hate on HAHA


      That thing that Taekyung does with his lips is WIN. Though he’s the only one who can pull it off without looking weird, imo lol XD

  4. Yay it’s here!! Much love for writing this up in the midst of your busy-ness <3

    I'm completely addicted, and I know practically everyone is on ShinWoo's side but TaeKyung!! Could he get any more grudgingly adorable?!! This epi was really laugh-out-loud funny, maybe to make up for the heavy drama next ep?

    Agrees with you totally on the TK angst scene. He's got really intense eyes…awesome acting for sure.

    I hope it gets higher ratings, they so deserve it! :(

    • Thank you for always stopping by to lsjfsdlsahgosadkfsdagjkhw with me :3

      Jang Geun Suk is doing a FANTASTIC job as Taekyung! I always ALWAYS like the second guy more than the first guy, but I love both the mains EQUALLY in this drama :DD I love how Taekyung tries to be all cool and suave but is really just a cute little freak deep down LOL I hope JGS will get some sort of recognition for this role, Taekyung would be so complicated to act XD

      The ratings are going up :DDD!!! Still not that great, but it’s grooowwwiiinnnnggg :))

      • My pleasure bb :) Thank YOU for always giving me something to spazz about! <3

        I've heard of Jang Geun Suk before but never paid much attention to him, and now I think I shall go try his other dramas, though none of his roles sound as good as this one! Yes yes recognition!! He deserves it!!

        Whoohoo! *cheers* Come on Korea! Seems to me this drama appeals more to international audiences and Koreans like Iris better XD

        • Have you seen the ep of YSMM2 with Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hyori as guests? Omg, JGS is HILARIOUS XD He’s such a douche (in a loving way :P) and really different from the idol stars XD Let me know if you need a link~

          I was talking to my krn friend about the two dramas (she doesn’t watch either) and she went online to look them up, then today she went “omg, why didn’t you tell me Iris had North Korea stuff in it?! THAT EXPLAINS THE RATINGS :D” and I was just like “…er….whatever, I still like YB more” XDDD

          • I watched the first episode and it was so weird to see ‘Taekyung’ being cute and acting his age!! Haha proves how good an actor JGS is I suppose. He looks older with sideburns! There’s two episodes right? Do you have a link to the second one? Please and thank you <3

            Ah…no wonder. YB needs more love! :(

            • I can’t find ep2 with subs either :/ Have you watched JGS on Come to Play??? He was really cute in that show, too :))

              And youtube that cut of Heechul calling JGS on a show. (Yes, I have been frantically youtubing JGS :P)

  5. hahahahahaha….i totally like your PLUS MINUS for every episode of You’re Beautiful…super funny..yo…

    1 thing i totally agree about you is Jung Yonghwa (Shinwoo) has really cute teeth, they’re like, kinda crooked and uneven <—-PLUS INFINITY….hahahahahaha…..

    • Someone on a forum commented that he should get braces, and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO, LEAVE YONGHWA’S TEETH ALONE >:(! It’s the little imperfections that add character :)

      • agree!
        crooked teeth are amazing. makes them less perfect and more adorable.
        yuhno had a weird looking set of front teeth before, it was soooo cute! GD too. both of them had them fixed and i was like NOOOOO. :|

  6. Lol, funny picture!

  7. i..can’t believe how different taekyung looks like when he’s smiling! XDD” it’s so TOTALLY different OoO ^^”

    as for the stylist..i was dissapointed ;o; she was SO cool at first.. but now.. argh~ PABO!! ><

    and omg.. shinwoo T__T i feel SO bad for him! even more than i felt for jihoo ;o; COME TO ME BB *o*

    • JGS is a cute little boy, isn’t he :P

      LOL I didn’t really like Jihoo (Oguri Shun set the bar too high, imo) but omg SHINWOO ;_____________________;

  8. Lol at the taser comment x)
    Hongki is too cute in this drama!

  9. lol jang geun seuk is such a great actor. I watched him from Hong Gil Dong, a little bit of Hwan Jin Yi, Beethoven Virus, and now this. He grew from a awkward pretty boy to a pretty convincing actor. lol but I still like the scene where he pretends to be a girl on nonstop XDD. It’s so classic.

    I felt really bad for Shin Woo in episode 6. Episode 5, it still ‘kinda’ gave me hope that Shin Woo may get a chance. But episode 6…yeah D:.
    But I don’t know anyone who can look so…hot in casual clothes. But Hong Ki is making the air bright! He’s so cute and lovely~ I want to just take him home and pet him XD. He’s so cute at the party scene.

    lol but yes, I do tend to support just the first lead if he is a bit balanced compared to the second lead (Like Hello! Miss) but this one, I support both of them. Tae Kyung is not the typical be taken away by the other girl but this time, he’s acting a certain way to protect the main girl. I’m loving his dedication.

    • The second guy never gets the girl :( And it sucks, cos the second guy is always nicer than the main guy XD

      I was quite surprised when I first started watching this drama; I didn’t know JGS could act this well LOL I thought he was just another child actor, but he’s doing a reaaaally good job as Taekyung :DD

      Aww I like what you said about Taekyung’s dedication :3

  10. omgggg. love this reality index funness. It keeps me sane between each pair of episodes!
    doood. shinwoo is sooo greatt. ep 6 is super sadface material! ):
    But I’m glad tae kyung finally changed his hair! those side bang things were so awkward!
    and last but not least, jeremy is so legit. such a lighthearted character added in with the angst! (:
    cant wait to see the reality index for ep 6! and also for ep 7 and 8 to come out!
    thanks for posting these! (:

    • Omg I was INCOHERENT when I watched Ep.6. I watched it at 2am and I was like, silent-screaming at the computer cos I felt so bad for Shinwoo XDD

      Heehee, I try to spread these indexes out so that they go between the eps, cos then I get to watch each ep again and refresh my memory (it also makes the waiting eaiser :P) ~~

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