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091025 Inkigayo

Once again the line up is fantastic!!!! Taeyang’s one and only stage performance of “Where U At” was highly anticipated by everyone. Then there’s GD’s special performance, SS501’s Inki comeback, SHINee, Beast, MBLAQ etc etc. Oh and Kim Tae Woo won the Mutizen (his 2nd) today :)

SS501 – Only One Day + Love Like This Before I go on about the performance, in yesterday’s music core, I saw the name of the composers for “Love like this” and OMG, Drew Ryan Scott (♥) was one of them. I love most of his songs cuz it’s like oldschool boyband pop and IDEK but it’s just so weird seeing him related to SS501 hahhaha. Ok end of rant.

I wanted them to do “Wasteland” but ballads are nice :D They looked totally fab in their suits and decent hairstyles. Especially the loose ties on Jungmin and Leader. *___* BUT WHY MUST THEY RUIN SUCH BEAUTIFUL IMAGES WITH THOSE TATTOO SHIRTS. IT’S SO GROSS DDD:

How sweet was it when Baby and Jungmin goes “Hey girl” and the audience goes “Hey boy” back <333 I don’t know if I’m just having really high expectations or if their mics are screwed, but they all sounded….rather flat and slightly off in “Love Like this” :/ Poor leader at 3.08. I’m so sorry but I admit that I did laugh. He looks slightly flustered haha but I’m sure it’s just cuz he’s tired XD They sounded great in the ballad though so I dont know hey.

Taeyang – Where U At One and only performance of this song so enjoy it everyone <3333 Wow they did a lot for his stage. Biased much XP Cameraman sorta sucks though T_T For some reason I liked the dance in the MV more haha. Maybe cuz I was expecting way too much? Not that it was any less awesome on stage because the choreo still pawns. Just that Taeyang seemed a bit..reserved? I don’t know lol. It was still pretty damn great though and he should definitely perform it more .___.

GD – A Boy + Seo Taiji Dance Is Inki slightly YG biased or what? Lol, GD and Taeyang gets the best stage set ups. And I’m so glad GD got rid of his poodle hair that I don’t even mind that he has a tower on top of his head rofl XD Nah I think GD actually looks better with his hair spiked up instead of a fringe. His face is so cute, flaunt it! Dancing was totally hot and that smile at 2.53 is SO DARN ADORABLE :33

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong Candychu was really happy that they wore the clothes that she wanted them too mainly because Onew’s top falls apart hahaha. One of the best things in RDD performances is seeing Onew FAIL SO HARD AT BEING A “BAD BOY” HAHAHAHAHA :333 He tries, he really does but the end result is always him being totally awkward and smiling XDDDD So precious <3 Once again, Taemin does the jacket strip (cue for screams) and Minho and him swap places which seems slightly weird for me haha. But man, I am so impressed with the consistency of their performances!!

Beast – Bad Girl AJ’s V neck on his shirt is so deep, so very deep that I see chiseled stuff *___* Then he takes off his top layer and everyone sorta dies hahaha. What’s with all these boys showing off their abs these days!! And how can one with that type of body be so adorable :S Oh and I think their stylist doesn’t like Yoseob much, he always gets the weirdest outfits. Lol. But I love that part at 2.17!! Yoseob does the cutest things to Doojoon. I think in yesterday’s performance, he touched Doojoon’s chin and today he went for the kill and did a proposal hahaha. It’s so cuteeee~

Beast – Digital Chart Yoseob and Leader Doojoon :D I think everyone is really Yoseob biased atm and I am probably one of them hahaha. The boy is totally adorable ok, how can you say no?! I find the digital chart clips really awkward most of the time but the boys weren’t so bad. Really cute, especially because Yoseob keeps clinging to leader. Did you see his butt slap? HAHAHA. XDDD And that bow, omg <3

MBLAQ – Oh Yeah No air guitar at the start? .___. I sorta like that part haha. Seungho looks really, really good here. Normally I can’t keep my eyes off Mir and Joon but hiiiii leader XDDD. I think their lives have improved heaps since their first stage. Not as out of breath and much more stable. I am proud :D PS Thunder, you still look like the cutest awkward boy <3


  1. taeyang’s perf was hot! shinee~~ ya. candychu’s wish came true!
    as for the battle between beast n mblaq. althou im leaning towards beast, i must say mblaq gives a more powerful beastly perf. i just realised leejoon looks like jung yonghwa!

    • Lol I dont really like the whole battle between beast and mblaq. But like sometimes you cant help but compare them. THough both groups are great in their own way yes/yes? :DD

    like he tried to do that smirk, but failed desperately so he gave that :DDD smile instead HAHAHAHA.
    and taemin oh gosh, that boy has grown up to know what “sexaaaaaay” means *is proud*

    b-b-but SS501’s love like this perf outfit was a bit scary >.<
    i mean, tattoo-like skin toned shirt?
    their stylists need to change *runs*

    • HE ALWAYS FAILS. It’s so prection :3333333

      No no. I completely agree that they need to change stylists for ss501. T___T I’m more than happy to be their stylists haha

  3. one of the best sunday i had this year.

    6 performances back-to-back loaded with bodies, they should do this more often for the fangirls. :)

    AJ HALF-NAKED ON STAGE. total pwnage. went nuts with his very reavealing shirt, then he decides to remove it!!!! i totally lost it.
    and oh, how can i forget LEE JOON.
    *worships CUTE BOYS loaded with THE MUSCLES*

    onew should totally get a one on one training from 2pm, beast or mblaq boys. (doesn’t minho or his hyungs give him any tutorial?) he needs interventions ASAP!
    though i truly and deeply love him for his ever charming smiley , we need some RAWR moments too. XD

    i’d love to have GD’s hoodies!! he looks waaayy cuter in “normal” clothes.

    speaking of clothes, those fugly tight skin-tone shirts SS501 wore should be burned and forever be vanished! X_x

    • I AGREE. Im so glad the boy bands are back in full force. I’m not sexist but lol boys have more eyecandy for me XDD

      Lol I’m so use to Lee Joon lifting his shirt now that I’m just like “he should be lifting it about now” HAHA. But AJ *_________* THAT WAS SO SEXY.

      No, no. ONEW NEEDS TO STAY AS FAIL-Y AS HE IS NOW. Haha I don’t want him to be all beastly because he’s so adorable as he is now <333

      Yea GD looked great here!

  4. lol I think it’ll still take me a while to get BEAST and M-Blaq’s names. If I can remember most of SM boys and girl…I think I can though XD.

    lol onew is a wondubufully phailed ‘bad boy’. He’s so elastic and it’s so fantastic to watch lol. I’m still not totally liking the song but considering Jong Hyun’s winning over my love with his vocals, I keep on watching the perfs XD.

    I’m still having hate relationships with M-blaq’s Joon’s and Thunder’s outfits. I don’t want…awkward skin showing shirts anymore. Joon’s better off w/o a shirt. But then the girls will be like ” D: No more chocolate ab showing moments?”

    For Beast, I still think Yo Seob looks like the maknae and the maknae looks the oldest. And AJ is ahhh<3 hot dreamy type. I def. like Bad girl better in terms of song though. But I like M-blaq for their unconventional cuteness/hotness.

    SS501, I was soo happy maknae had normal hair for a ballad and they had nice outfits but they had to go on a wardrobe phail spree for their love like this. Those ugly tattoo shirts and maknae's poodle hair needs to go D:. I'm happy leader looks like he gained weight though *Wants to pinch cheeks*.

    • LOL. I agree with pretty much everything you said bb. I’d give you back another essay but I really should be studying. So I’ll throw chocolates at you instead <333333333

  5. BEAST, MBLAQ, SHINee and Taeyang were all HOT! G-Dragon was good too but I don’t find him attractive.

    Finally the reign of girl groups has stopped for now.

    And yeah, the Digital Music Chart was adorable, I keep thinking Yo Seob is the youngest.

    • Oh? I love GD. SOme of his style is a bit :/ but I still love the guy.

      SAME. Yoseob is adorables, thats why

  6. SHINees performance turned me into a fangirl =P
    That was a really good performance!
    I’m really loving Taemin’s hair!

    Taeyang’s performance: ummm, meh? His hat was really annoying me and I wish he’d take it off! It’s really hard to tell which parts were live and which parts were not. The choreography was great tho! It lost some of it’s effect from the mv probably because in the mv the camera kept tilting.

  7. Oh and to add to the Beast/MBLAQ discussion. Watching both performances: beast’s song is more “quality”? but MBLAQ’s performance just gets me all hyped up! There’s just something about it. Especially Seong Ho’s? flip.

    Yay G.O. took off his glasses! Yeah thunder looks like such an awkward little boy.

    • I think the hat is an important part of Taeyang hahaha. He is constantly wearing a cap when he dances XDD

      Yea Mblaq and Beast are both great in their own way <3

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