Posted by: lovediaries | October 26, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign MV Teaser

{credit: mardirock @ youtube}

Okay, I’m not going to watch this yet because 1) I’ve gone over my net usage again T^T and 2) this looks really creepy. I’m a total wuss, I got goosebumps just seeing the frame preview so I think I’m going to pass until I know exactly what happens/people tell me it’s not that bad D:

But, YAY repackaged album comes out in a few days, right? I’m so glad it’s not goodbye yet~ :)


  1. whoa. that was… weird.

  2. interesting… O:

    • Can’t wait for the whole thing :D

  3. unique concept….
    but yeah, its kinda creepy :x
    i was fearing that something will like pop out suddenly or something. haha.

    • I usually skip horror/thriller-like MVs but…I’m really intrigued.

  4. YEY!!
    am i the only one smiling while watching? XD
    my baby RYU DEOKHWAN (Like a Virgin, Our Town) stars in it. couldn’t get any more excited.

    i have no idea on how the song would sound like from the teaser. it was all freaky sound effects. X_x


      And yeah, sound effects were scary D:

  5. Hmmm….I think it would be similar to Epik High’s mv ‘Fan’.Maybe I’m true? ^^

    • You think? Cause the girls were in the tank, and then the guy didn’t look too well either :S

  6. damn cool.. they made it seem like some kinda suspense/horror.
    anyways, i hope it’ll be as addictive as abracadabra.
    really love them, can’t wait!

    • I’m hoping so, I can’t wait to hear their other songs :)

  7. wow it looks so much more different to the ‘usual’ mvs from korean groups…good different

    i dnt like horror movies (omg the grudge hahaha) but it looks so cool, cant wait 4 the full mv which is gonna come out on halloween…just thr right timing, although in aus we dnt do halloween, well I dnt do halloween lol

    • Omg don’t even talk about the grudge ;_; I had nightmares for days from the trailer alone. OH HEY, you’re from Australia? We still get kids coming for trick or treat. I hate it T_T.

      • yea im from syd. omg this one time there were sum kids who came 2 my house trick or treating && they had a plastic bag ROFL and they werent even dress in costumes ><

        • Omg no way, I’m from Sydney too :D!

          Once we gave people ‘treats’ and they still egged us T_T. That’s why I hate Halloween.

          • aww poor thing

            lol but y were they carrying around eggs on halloween? just 4 the purpose of egging houses?

            • Probably ;_; Some kids are nasty.

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