Posted by: lovediaries | October 26, 2009

F.T Triple – Love Letter MV

{credit: jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube}

I still don’t think ‘Five Treasure Triple’ makes any sense haha but the song is very lovely :). It started off sounding sad, then the drums came in to give it a pleasant, cheer-y type feel – it’s a soothing, mid-tempo ballad, and Jaejin’s voice suits it very well. I like the rap that everyone seems to take part in. They’re all lipsynching and I hear different voices xD. The boys all look so sad though and so does the female lead. I thought this was a sweet song? *needs lyrics*.


  1. OMYOMYOMY. JONGHOON IS SO PRETTY. and yay! this is what they filmed in cebu! :DD
    jaejin’s voice is a lot different from hongki’s but his voice suits the song really well! :DD

    they are going to do promotions for this right? :3 cos i am greatly looking forward! :)

    • Mmhmm, agree ^^ This song suits Jaejin well~

      I hope so? I mean they’ve filmed an MV already :D

  2. i was so impressed with jaejin’s voice and went WHOAAAAA when he started singing. hahaha.
    i know he can sing, he can sing well, but well, im still impressed :D
    HAHA. pretty boys!!! esp jonghun omo.
    he looked like an angel with that white thing at his forehead LOL.

    • Haha yeah, Jaejin has definitely improved :)

  3. Pretty scenery, pretty boys, pretty voice <3 JaeJin's so mellow compared to HongKi's all-out angst, so it makes a nice change! Plus it's such a relaxing song..

    • Jaejin’s voice is quite relaxing to listen to ^^~

  4. WOW! Jaejin’s voice is so awesome. I love it when the members sing. They have great voices too. I absolutely love Minhwan and Jonghun’s voices even if I don’t get to hear them much in their songs. Over all, really great song, love it already.

    • I agree with you~ These are awesome repackage songs ^^

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