Posted by: beckery | October 27, 2009

091026 Jonghyun singing “7 Years of Love” @ Sukira

Credit: randy19973 @ youtube

I like this song but I haven’t heard it enough to say much. So really Candychu should be doing this post, but she’s busy doing “assessments” and thus, guilt tripped me into this haha XD

Let me just say that JONGHYUN SOUNDED GREAT!!!! ♥♥♥♥  I know that he was really breathy at times and his breathing was quite loud (lol XD), but you just can’t compare him to Kyuhyun. The song was perfect for Kyu in every single way *_____* and their level of experience is quite different too. Jonghyun by far pawns a lot of people his age anyways and that is all there is to it. :DD



  1. jjong sounds like hes struggling to keep his voice at a whisper XD HAHA OKAY HIS BREATHING IS RLY LOUD LMFAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA LOLOL OMFG lol omg he’s sucking air in through his nostrils and his teeth, I swear XDDD

  2. I think this song is more like Onew’s style, and he will definitely sound really great at it.


    • ooh yea Onew should give it a try!

  3. kyu singing this song was PERFECTION <3 <3
    jonghyun's ok but seriously cant compare with kyuhyun, his voice is so dreamy~
    sigh ~.~


    • Hehe I agree, Jonghyun’s a great performer but this song is totally Kyuhyun’s~

    • Lol yea. I think no one beats Kyu, his voice was meant for hte song :D

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