Posted by: lovediaries | October 28, 2009

091025 f(x) @ Gag Concert

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Saw this gif the other day and thought ‘Ooh, Amber’s korean is so pro she understands gags :P’

Eng subbed cut – Watched this cut in the library at uni today. Not a good idea, me and my friend LOLed so hard I was scared to look at whether other people were glaring at us or not ^^;;. Usually, I don’t get their gags/think they’re funny but COMPARING AMBER TO HA RISU? LOLOLOLOL AHAHAHAHAHA no wonder Amber laughed that hard XD.


  1. i also don’t know how to solve that math question in it even though i learn the same thing =.=
    can’t blame the girls for not knowing how to solve~~~
    krystal is only 15-16 >.<

    • Krystal turned 15 just recently :)

  2. Lol that was cute. I love that guy whoever he is.

    And as someone who is truly slow when it comes to math, Korean+math looks pure evil to me. =.=

    • Lol I love(d) maths but I couldn’t read the Korean ;_;

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