Posted by: beckery | October 28, 2009

Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice MV

Credit: sawacyan555 @ youtube

YG is on a roll today and I don’t mind at all XD

This is their third Japanese single and I’m so glad Daesung is back with the crew <3333333 I’m really digging the song atm!!!! YAY TO NO AUTOTUNE!! GD and TOP raps in english too :D

I like how they spelt Big Bang in the beginning. The whole MV is really pretty, especially the backdrop and scenes they used. But most importantly, they all look totally gorgeous in their black and white clothes. TOP is totally rocking his hairstyle, he looks so hot with his glares. I think I’m going to melt like that icecream at the end (which is totally random hahahaha) *______*


  1. was wondering whether GD n TOP were just there as decoration.. when they started rapping ><

    nice soothing song. i quite like ;)

    • HAHA. That’s what I thought too. I was wondering when their part was coming. :DD

  2. Such a prettty songggg! I agree with you, its nice to have Big Bang in its full awesomeness.

    I loved the simplicity and all the heart-breakey-acheyness in the MV, but seeing Tae Yang run like crazy at 4.01 made me crack up like a jackass!! xD It was SO random to me. He seriously looked like he was pumping those legs lol. I wanna see the making of this MV just to see if he could really run that fast or if he was running normally and they speeded it up to make it look all “Im running for youuu~”

    • Agreed. No hardcore beats, techno sounds, autotune, just their voices in its pure awesomeness <33333333


  3. Omg, not going to leave a long comment (hah, but when do i not?) coz I have to run off and shower/eat dinner/do homework and I’m totally not meant to be enjoying myself but:
    I LOVED THIS MV. ): even with GD”s regrowth. \o/
    And please explain it to me, I’m just in love with the lyrics and the prettiness and the song. 8D

    btw, translated lyrics;

    • Thank you bb <33333333 The MV that I embedded at first had eng subs to it though but like the MV got removed from youtube so this one has no subs DD:

      I love the song too. It's simply gorgeous

  4. Ah such a pretty song.^_^ They all look really good and please don’t be alarmed when I jump Daesung’s recovered behind. 8X I like all of the visuals, but the melting ice cream really made me lol. Couldn’t they at least do something more angsty like a melting ice sculpture of a heart?

    • HAHAHAHAHA. Oh well I guess I’ll jump GD and Seungri’s behind. But since TOP looks soooooo good here, I might jump his behind too hahaha. Yea I have no idea what the icecream was trying to represent :/

  5. OMG.T.O.P. looks different.VERY different :D
    Damn cool!!! ;))


  6. Haha, OhMyGOSH; I missed Daesung
    So much, ROFL . He`s so Cute! ^_^
    I`m so glad he`s okay,
    Good thing the crash wasn’t too bad,
    Wow, Man SarangHae`Yo Big Bang! <33

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