Posted by: lovediaries | October 28, 2009

Listen to … Lady Collection – Watch Secretly

Okay so, no one cared about my Lady Collection post – I AM SO DEEPLY HURT, GUYS – and I figured less words are probably more effective, and most people watch/listen to stuff in this section so here goes :).

{credit: luvyesung @ youtube}

This is actually their 2nd MV, and the MV to the teaser they first released. It’s a mid-tempo ballad showing off their strong vocals :).

I love this song (and their whole mini-album, actually :)) and the MV was really nice to watch. It didn’t have much of a plot – I was sort of confused as to what was happening, tbh – but everyone looked really lovely in this and there was a little bit of dancing too~


  1. great vocals *o*
    I’m so busy with school that i didn’t even realize there was a new girl group ^^”
    definitely gotta listen to their songs :3

    • Yes, you must go listen to their other songs!!

  2. The song doesn’t really appeal to me, but they definitely have great voices. (Well..the shorthaired one kinda bothers me. So shrill<.<) They don't seem to be going for the overly slutty sexy angle, so I’ll be watching for them.^^

    • Yeah they’re quite mature, I guess cause they’re “older” and are actually women haha.

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