Posted by: beckery | October 28, 2009

Park Bom – You and I MV

Credit: YGladies @ Youtube

AWWWWWWWWWWWW This is such a cute and sweet MV <33333

Bom is really pretty and adorable here. The MV has heaps of cute moments in it!! The ones that stood out to me was when they were playing games together, when she was sleeping and he drew her and definitely the Christmas part. I don’t even know how she did that but it was really pretty *___* I nearly had a heart attack at the part where he was going to suicide (?) It was so scary :/ But I think in the end, he really did pass away ;______________________; That’s so sad. :(

Btw she sounds fantastic. The song isn’t VERY catchy but really nice. I like it :DDD


  1. i dont like bom that much cos she forever looks like she’s had botox.
    but this is quite a nice song n a really nice MV. except for that last post which totally ruined the mood.

    • Lmao I loved Bom before she debuted as part of 2NE1 so idk, I’m sorta attached to her ^^


    You know at first, I was like ‘Isn’t he disabled? Why is he still moving his legs?’ then I figured it’s cause he had cancer which was why he was in the wheelchair. I was so close to crying cause boy tears = my weakness, and the boy was rly cute :3.

    But wooooooot, I love Bom and I love this song :Db

    • In the end she crawled to you for help with comments :).

  3. This mv is sooo ahhhhH! It really tugged at my heart!

    I don’t understand the wheelchair tho? How come sometimes he is on it and sometimes he’s not?

    • Ugh I know right! I was wibbling through out.

      Okay here’s my theory. At first I was like WTF HOW CAN HE MOVE HIS LEGS IF HE’S DISABLED!? But I think he actually has Cancer. You know how Cancer patients are weak and usually move around in a wheelchair? Yeah, that’s what I think :(.

  4. the song is ok, her singing is great! the mv is soooooo adorable, made me crave sweets and want to bake, but why is the ending so sad, I think he past away too, they were such a cute couple why did he have to pass away!?!?!?!

    • YES OMG I don’t bake/cook but seeing her cupcakes made me really want to learn ;~;.

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