Posted by: lovediaries | October 28, 2009

SHINee has a me2day!

I’m supposed to be studying for my Friday assessment but alsjflskdjflksdf SHINEE GOT A ME2DAY /FLAILS FLAILS/. Slightly off topic but AMBER IS MY FRIEND ON ME2DAY, CRYING, CRYING CRYINGGG.


SHINee’s me2day – The five of them are sharing an account right now O_O. Um, I have a feeling it’s just going to end up being spammed with Key and Jonghyun pictures lolol but still, 1 account is better than 5.

In case you don’t know, me2day is like the Korean version of twitter. It’s slightly more complex though so I hardly use it D: But still asdklfjdlkfjsd this is so exciting :D. I already me2day’ed Key and sent them a friend reqest HAHA, I am good job :).

::EDIT:: For a me2day tutorial go –> HERE.


  1. I already said this on Twitter but that pic displeases me. ): lolbias.

    Was thinking of getting a me2day long ago but i realized i know absolutely no korean and i have far too many accounts all over the www so. yeah. XD

    Key is so gay it makes me cry tears of joy. Wtf troll!ring.

    • Did you look closely at the trolls? Lmao they’re like naked with a bit of glitter over the crotch XD. And I’m still the only person who commented in English on his update kekeke~

      • Exactly why i’m wondering what the hell that kid is on. I know he’s fond of weird accessories but that’s just wtf.

        And, tbh, I don’t get where these people steal the guts to comment with usernames like “keywife” or smth. Aren’t they afraid the boys will find that creepy? It’s already embarrassing for me to leave a msg that says “I love you!” even if basically every other fan tells them that. D:

        • LMFAO I know right. I really wanted to be like “Onew, marry me~” but I thought IF they were to read my msg, they’re just going to think I’m like every other crazy fangirl, so I just said stuff like ‘I’m happy you guys finally got a me2day’ or something equally as lame D:

          • excuse me,
            would you mind to tell me what is their me2day acc ?
            Thank you ^^

  2. Nyawwww! i love the onew grin in the bg :D

    • He’s so cute :3

  3. uhm i would love to get a me2day account.
    but my korean sucks T.T
    still learning with no professional help. gahhh!!!
    so uhm can anyone help me? :))
    pretty please :3

    • I could teach you if you can wait 3 wks? ;~;

      • lol i found how to make it !!! lol thanks, but if u can help me find Amber and how to make shinee become my friends on there I WOULD SERIUOSLY LOVE U FOREVER ^^

        • I don’t think SHINee will add anyone back. Only Amber has, not even the other f(x) members have :/.

    • here ya go!! i hope it helps.. well it helped me get one, this person is sooo good. sadly im still not friends with Shinee ….YET!!

      • I found another link for a tutorial too, shall post that up :)

  4. how in the world do u make a me2day IN ENG!! i want one!!!

    • I know, I really wish they had an ‘English’ tab, but if you stick around for a couple of wks, I can help you get one? :)

  5. completely off topic but jonghyuns hair looks really weird….kinda reminds me of caramel and vanilla ice cream hahah…i liked his hair in the juliette mv

    • Lol rly? I loved his hair in Juliette, it was so hot but this is still really hot *__*

  6. HEE Key’s expression. XD He’s a tamer version of JoKwon. Off-topic, but do you comment to them in English or Korean?

    • I update in Konglish haha but usually reply to them in Eng. I mean, I doubt they read the replies – imagine reading 600+ replies – but if they were to, my English would stand out haha :P

      • Good idea :D

  7. Hey, what’s the link to Amber’s? I’m thinking of creating a me2day too :p Oh Key, you special boy. I wish he and Jo Kwon would do something together like th Jo Kwon/Boom dance.

    • Ah, nevermind I found hers ^__^ How do you add?

      • Hey! Sry I couldn’t get back to you earlier but glad you’ve found her me2day already :). Under her profile pic you see a ‘친구신청’, click on the + and select the second option. A box will appear and you can just type a msg and then click on the first box on the left under it :).

        • Ahhhh thanks! Omg, I have no idea what to write in the message….I bet she gets alot of friend requests. Did SHINee add you back?

          • Nope, they didn’t. The other f(x) members haven’t either. Only Amber :3

  8. Yeah…I added Amber and she accepted YAYYY^^…but I don’t think any other will…I wish SHINee would accept T.T

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