Posted by: lovediaries | October 29, 2009

091029 SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa

A gazillion radio appearances are definitely one of my favourite things about Comebacks!

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*stares at Onew’s Adam’s apple*

Ring Ding Dong – LOOOOL WTF IS ONEW DOING!? Jonghyun is all cool and fierce with his opening lines, and then you see Onew being a total dork. He even tried doing Key’s butterfly haha. Loool @ Shindong and Shinyoung dancing at the front. AND LOL when Shindong actually sticks his head up to block people AHAHAHAHA. Then Taemin’s being all cute at the back :3. OnTae were so cute in this clip. Onew I heard your lil crack keke. Onew smiles so much throughout omg, and his ‘rocka rocka rocka’ part aslkjflkdjfsklfd where only his lips are moving and then suddenly his cheeks are haha idk XD.

Y.O.U – Because all 5 of them are here, we get to hear Minho YAY :DDD! AND LOLOL OMFG, if you guys checked out SHINee’s me2day, you would’ve seen Key’s troll rings, right? HE’S WEARING ONE OF THEM HERE AHAHAHAHA LOL!!! I love when Jonghyun sings with his hood over his head and like a hand in his pocket. He looks so hot *_*. 2.44-2.52 is my favourite part of the song :3. ONEW AT THE END LMFAO. I was watching him still holding his microphone after the singing had finished and then he just goes and makes a creeper face XD.

Onew: How Deep Is Your Love – I was smiling throughout this whole video, I love Onew’s English ♥____♥. His voice is so so beautiful ~*. And all his high notes, omg /melts. I love how halfway, Key and Taemin start swinging their arms/hands in time but they go in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Jonghyun’s sitting there looking bored LOL. Wait, IS HE ACTUALLY ASLEEP!?


  1. lmao the gif looks like he’s trying to catch a fly!

    • Lol I just love watching him swallow *_*

      • :x
        i cant comment on how creepy that sounds cuz i have to agree with you XD


  2. too cute! too CUTEEEEE~!

  3. onew: “how deep is your loveee…?”
    me: ” my love for you? DEEPER THAN THE MARIANAS TRENCH BABY!!!!”

    i will forever be in love with this boy.
    his voice is omg so sexy, whether it may be his high or that orgasmic low singing voice.

    ring ding dong with shinyoung and shindong is the best. LMAO.
    while dubu’s fixing the mic to go up, he kinda pulled it hard and it bumped his lips. FAIL. HAHAHA but his smiles killed me. XD

    and omg, why is minho looking like he’s going to punch somebody again. hahaha ontae is having a laughing fit at the other side. why so serious kid? LOL XD


      HAHA YEAH omg I noticed that, I saw him signalling to Taemin about bumping his lip, what a dork :3 LMFAO @ your Minho comment XDDD!

  4. AHAH, i keep thinking Key looks so much like Amber here, with that yellow cap xDD and the bangs that cover one eye…except i think Amber’s is the other side LOL
    and his troll ring it soooo funny, i love it!! puhahaha

    onew sucha cutie dork ;)
    jonghyun is soo hot in that black hoodie (with blonde hair, lol)! *__*
    taemin is all grown up-ish now, the way he sings >.<
    yayy for minho singingg ;D

    • I thought that with the cap too!, their fringes are on the same side ^^.

      Yeah unf, Jonghyun looked so good in the black hoodie *_*

  5. I only watched How Deep Is Your Love because I was so-so curious but LOL. OMG, I CAN NOT STOP PLAYING TAEBIN’S/SE7EN’S VERSION IN MY HEAD. ALKFNALKFS.

    But it’s sweet and cute. :3 His English… /melts.

    • …not good enough. Don’t you want to see Minho singing?

        maybe, notrly, oh i’m lazy maybe later~


  6. LOL. onew is sucha dork and i am loving it~♥

    • I love whatever Onew does ~♥

  7. Whoa I may be stating the obvious here, but Shinee’s lives are really good. (:0 Jong was so fierce in RDD. Flor like.^^ OnTae is my non-kinky OTP forever b/c how cute are they?

    I was gaping at the screen like a fish during Onew’s solo. I had to pause for a second while my dad walked by or he would think there was really something wrong with me. lol Onew’s manly voice usually draws me in, but hello falsetto!

    • LOL YEAH you’re stating the obvious :P. I know, Jonghyun was just, woah *_*.

      LMFAO dw I’m like that too. I start smiling goofily to myself whenever I watch Onew stuff :3

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