Posted by: lovediaries | October 29, 2009

F.T Island – Double Date Repackaged Album Review

F.T Island’s 3rd Repackaged Album ‘Double Date’ includes six new songs – with three from F.T Triple :).

01. Love Letter (F.T Triple) – Just posted the MV the other day. Jaejin’s voice is very sweet and suits this type of mid-tempo ballad very well :).

02. 멀리멀리 (F.T Triple) – Ngl, I made a face at the opening beats haha. It’s a cute song, I’ll get through the whole thing one day ^^.

03. 꼬집어 봐도 (F.T Triple) – I’m surprised they gave another ballad to F.T Triple, but I’m definitely happy about it :D. Jaejin’s vocals have definitely improved, he’s now able to handle entire songs by himself. The chorus is so sad-sounding ♥.

04. Lie – We posted this up before :). I love this ballad – it’s a song full of angst; love the piano melody at the start ♥.

05. Love Must Have Come – Tch, I thought this would be another angst-filled ballad >:|. It’s like ‘Hope’ but 100x happier and bubblier D: LOLOL sorry, bad description. The chorus is nice though! And I’m hearing multiple voices so I wouldn’t mind a performance of this hehehe. (HIIII SEUNGHYUN, I HEAR YOU RAPPING *_____*)

06. A Song For You – Okay basically the only boyband left to have a song called “(A) Song For You” is SHINee XD. Maybe because all the other A Song For You/Song For Yous have been upbeat-ish, mid tempo ballads, I sorta didn’t expect this song to be the one when I started listening to it. This one is definitely the most heartbreaking one I’ve heard ;~;. (::EDIT:: Japanese version from their 1st Japanese Mini-album ‘Soyogi’.)


  1. ngl… japanese version of ‘a song for you’ with wonbin’s vocals… way better.

    as for ‘Love must have come’ ITS SO CUTE. i love it. same with ‘Lie’ – its so pretty.

    Triple’s songs are a little harder to like… but ‘꼬집어 봐도’ is really nice. the other two… ehn. not that song of them yet XD

    • Oh I haven’t actually heard that version yet. I listened to Soyogi but I was never really ~that~ interested in their Japanese activities – that’s why I was full :DDDD over Raining cause I LOVED that song.

      LLOOL by ‘not that song of them yet’ did you mean ‘not that fond of them yet’? XDD

  2. lol @ with the comment on a song for you, so whos had a song with that name, i only noe dbsk and suju (cuz im biased) XD
    well theres ss501, but thats a song calling for you lol

    • LOLOL well, um, Fly to the Sky have also had a ‘Song For You’. Haha, so maybe like, 3 groups … xDD.

  3. molli molli makes me wanna dance, reminds me of SJHappy. lol.

    i love them doing heartbreaking ballads. ;__;

    • LOL omg idk if them reminding you of SJH is a good thing or not :P

  4. Only six songs? Oh well, I’ll take what I can get XD JaeJin’s really improved heaps, I can’t wait to see some live performances.

    I could never get into their Japanese albums even after listening a few times. Haha it just doesn’t sound as nice as their Korean songs.. :P

    • Haha it’s only a repackage! And not a new album ^^.

      YEAH even with Raining, the other two songs weren’t that…exciting XD.

      • OH! I just realized, omg I’m such a bad fan XD

        • Haha aw it’s okay :)

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