Posted by: lovediaries | October 30, 2009

091023 SHINee @ Music Bank

Um, we might add in other performances for the night – we’ll see – BUT SHINee WON OMFG AKJFLSKJFLSKDJFSDF /CELEBRATES/ ♥♥♥.

{credit: dkpnews @ youtube}

Winning 1st Place!

Okay, I’m still here despite being totally sleep deprived. But I am a stan lmfao, SHINee comes before sleep!

SO LIKE, CAN THEY STOP CUTTING OUT ‘RING DING DONG’!? Not enough ‘rocka rocka rocka-ing’ :/. Jonghyun’s “BAYBEHHH” and the rest of his opening lines are a favourite part of mine in the song, why would they cut it out!? >:(. And for once, Jonghyun gets the ugliest outfit, lool what is happening tonight?? I love what Onew is wearing though *_* and fffffff his part during the bridge, was amazing. He looks like some rich bachelor or something haha. Fans really love Jonghyun’s head snap and face wipe haha. Perverts. But srsly, wtf is he wearing ;___;. Key was still fierce as during his rap ♥.

They didn’t cry when they won, unfortunately. I WANTED TO SEE MANLY TEARS ;_;. Tbh, they all looked … tired? Maybe. Key apparently passed his cold/flu (as in the flu, that had him feeling freaking tired) to the other members but it’s no surprise he/they’re not getting better considering this is ~Comeback~ time meaning non stop promotions :((. Onew looked so out of it just before the camera panned towards Jonghyun who made a face between ‘Omg, we won O.o?’ and ‘Omg, we won ;~; *must not cry*’. And then Onew’s speech? He sounded sort of pained. I hope these boys get better soon alskjfsjf </3.

::EDIT:: Found THIS on shakizi. It’s happy, slightly bouncy Onew :).


  1. YEY!!!!
    they won against their SS501 sunbaes. cool.

    even though these boys got no muscles to expose, i guess it’s their solid vocals and dancing that makes them win up charts.


    • even though these boys got no muscles to expose, i guess it’s their solid vocals and dancing that makes them win up chart

      This is why I love them so <33


  2. SHINee chuka hamnida!! i actually caught this on tv. haha so happy they won :)

    • oh! i wanna add… their rdd dance is sooooo in sync! *(&#%@ im so in love with their dancing!!


  3. Anticlimactic reaction! Today was supposed to be return of the ear-breaking Jjong!wail.^^ No really, I’m so happy for them, I just want to know if they’re sick, tired, or too “grown up” to freak out on stage. -.-

    • YES, that’s exactly the word I was looking for. It was so anticlimatic my heart broke and I cried myself to sleep.

      Not really but I was close to. They were all trying to be manly, probably :/.

  4. Hi, i have been lingering around this website for a few days now , im still new to the kpop world its been a few month now so i was looking for a site that have old stuff and i came acroos ur site

    and i really enjoyed u and ur friends commnets and the stuff that u post especially when shinee first daputed and super junior come back XD

    so i hope i can be ur friend :)

    • Oh wow, hello there :). We love it when silent readers come out and say hi. Thanks for your comment, so glad you appreciate the spazzy posts and comments :).

      And of course! Talk to us more ^^

  5. Whee SHINee won! But they didn’t cry?! *shock* I’ve come to expect that from them XD Love Jonghyun’s opening lines!

    • I was disappointed in the lack of tears too :(!

  6. Thanx :)

    lol yah i guess we are used to them cry when thay win

    atleast we still have tuike who cry every time XD

    • I hope they win tonight, Inki yayy! :))

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