Posted by: beckery | October 30, 2009

091029 Mnet M!countdown

Just some of the special/debut stages that I had time to watch :)

Beast – Again and Again Oh wow they look really good *___* Suits and more suits, I approve :DD I know I shouldn’t be comparing between the two groups. But when one does a cover of another song, you can’t help but compare lol. They sound great, but I think they were lipsynching? It would have been better to hear their lives ._. The adlibs were a bit weaker, but Jay and Junsu are like ARRGHHH lol. And the rap was a tad less fierce but Taec is like ROAAAR. So overall, they did a decent job minus the fact that the vocals were studio version T_T But again, I think they looked fantastic <3 (Btw did anyone else hear Jay and Junsu’s voice? :/)

MBLAQ – Bad Guy Is it um wrong that Bad Guy reminds me of 2PM instead of Rain? :s These guys definitely did their performance live XDD They look totally delicious btw. Joon was rocking his tank!! Vocal wise, they’re still pretty shaky and breatheless but Mnet’s mics and sound system are always screwed T___T I think the headset mics made it worst. Haha smart Joon for getting a hand held mic :P Thunder’s solo dance at the end was just ok. I wonder why they let him do the dance?

FT Triple – Love Letter The stage looks really empty ._. But they all look great :DD Haha do I sound really superficial? XDDDDDDD I love this song, it’s so pretty~ Jaejin did a fantastic job and it will only get better. I like how they do the rap together <3333 “I cave about you” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh Mnet, you fail.

MC Mong + Ivy – I am I’m not too familiar with Ivy but I have the biggest weak spots for any collabs between MC Mong and female artists. And this is no exception. Ivy sounds REALLY good here, maybe I should start listening to her stuff haha. And Mc Mong looks fab. Lol, it’s always different to see him dress in a suit and all XDDD The song is so pretty <3


  1. first, it is my first time seeing beast and mblaq. (yes, i know, i’m all sorts of outdated. haha.)

    beast’s lipsynching is fail. D: i mean, no offense meant, but their lips weren’t really in sync with the song sometimes. D: lol. and mblaq were heavy breathers. lol.

    they will all get better in time~♪ just like any other idol groups~♥

    /off to learn their names. :D

    and yay! jonghoon looks like a fallen angel *_*

  2. I heard Jay and Junsu’s voices as well but aww the suits! the suits! more suits please! FT Triple! thank gawd hongki is coming back soon though! Bad Guy totally reminded me of 2PM when they did bad guy with all the dirrtiness and grease goodness on them omo why jebus!

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