Posted by: beckery | October 30, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign MV

Credit: KpopGirlGroups02 @ youtube

Not gonna lie, I didn’t get the MV at all (fail haha), BUT KFSJLKJSLJWEJ IT WAS STILL SO INTENSE and weird !!!! They look absolutely gorgeous ♥♥. I’m totally digging the hair on Narsha. Approve, approve, approve!!

The MV is sorta scary though. The boss was really freaky. The main actor is cute and I lol-ed hard when he only tried to save Gain XDDD. He should have saved the others and leave Gain for Jo Kwon. Hahaha, ok that was rather lame ^_^”

First time listening to the song and I was simply hooked. The chorus is so much win, I had it stuck in my head after only one listen. I wanna see lives of this <3

“Dot dot dot”


  1. lol. eventhough i find the storyline weird too, the cinematography (lol. for the lack of words) is well done. and yay! for the girls being so risky~

    and i loled too when i realized, he let the other girls drown? </3 haha!

    narsha's so pretty, who can tell her age?

    • I totally freaked out when I realised the tanks they were in were closed all around, I thought the top was at least open!

      Narsha, Jea and Miryo all look younger than they really are!

    (another ring ding dong eh? XD)
    this is one hella addicting song.

    OMG! they’re all so pretty! esp. narsha, now that her face isn’t blocked by hair. :)

    my girl crushes plus one of my forever love, RYU DEOKHWAN.
    isn’t he soooo adorable? this baby is one of the best young actors in the scene right now. but somebody please tell him to save miryo too! HAHAHAHAHA

    • Hardly any successful song these days don’t repeat words, right?

      Narsha looks like a little boy, tbh, but a pretty little boy!

      I…don’t know who that guy is but he was cute!! LMAO I can’t believe he really didn’t bother with the others XD

  3. great song,great mv….And their voices <3

  4. Hmm either I’m on too much sugar but this is what I got from the mv: each member that’s in the water tank has a hubby that must go through obstacles (the beating and random stuff that went on) and that hubby must come find his girl to save her, hence Gain was the only one so far that was saved. Anyways efjngkjasndfladnbfkjafnglsadnf THE SONG, THE MV, THE FOUR GIRLS!

    • Lol omg others had better have come for the other members. Srsly why did they have to go in the tanks too if they weren’t even going to get saved !?

  5. To me, based off the translaed lyrics from SOOMPI, the girls are waiting for Ryu Duk Hwan (the guy getting his butt kicked) to save them while they are drowning. As far as the endong part, the reason why Ga-In was saved was because when that old dude died, the rest of the girls died, and when Duk Hwan saw Ga-In moved, he tried to save her but she had died as soon as he rescued her.

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