Posted by: beckery | October 30, 2009

SS501 – Love Like This MV

Credit: shirbogurl @ youtube

SS501 needs new stylists and choreographers asap!!! Most of their dance choreo are rather plain. There’s no “wham bam” factor to it like SM dances, which is a fail point because we know how much people like to parody dances on variety shows. And I still can’t get over those tattoo tops. Please burn them ._____.

What I do like about the dance is the “L” “O” “V” “E” parts, which is rather corny but endearing at the same time ♥♥♥♥ No intense plot, but heaps of eye candy if you turn a blind eye on the tattoo tops and Baby’s fail hair. XDDDDDDD


  1. you are right.

    I do love them to the core but their presentation in terms of choreo, hairstyles and tattoo tops needs to be upgraded.

    • Yes ._______. And their promotion tactics too. DSP fails so hard sometimes :/

  2. WTF. tattoo tops = laugh of the day.

    and i almost forgot ss501. </3 me.

    • :O HOW COULD YOU FORGET THEM!??! Haha jokes XP

  3. I wish whoever did the hair and choreo. and everything for Deja Vu would come back.T.T I like the song a bit better seeing the MV, but those shirts! DBSK SORT OF pulled off the tattoo sleeves during Rising Sun(?) but this isn’t even a “bad boy” type of song.

    • LOL. I agree, I dont know what they’re doing. The boys look great, they just need to be displayed better. D:

  4. yeah..the tattoo tops must go!!! And you are right, there is no WOW on the dancing T_T”

    • XDDD Yea those two are normally SS501’s weak spot. Otherwise they’re pretty great :D

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