Posted by: lovediaries | October 31, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls – Sound G Repackaged Album Review

This is nice and short, since there are only really two new songs :).

01. Sign – The song isn’t as dark as I expected it to be – only because the MV teaser was all sorts of creepy. I wonder what this song is about cause by the end of the MV I found it lulzy how only Ga In was saved/cared about D: It’s not as addictive as ‘Abracadabra’ but almost every bit as catchy ~

02. Drunk on Sleep – This is such a pretty ballad ♥♥. It’s so soothing to listen to. All the girls sound great but I especially love Jea’s voice in this ♥♥ (sort of like how in ‘여자가 있어도’ her voice really stood out, for me anyway~).

03. Abracadabra (Fraktal Voodoo Remix) – Korean remixes always have such interesting titles :). Nothing ever beats originals for me (like probably only Taegoon’s ‘Call Me Remix’  is equally as loved by me as the original ‘Call Me’) but this Remix is (thankfully) not as crazily remixed as their other Remixes that were released earlier in ‘Sound G.’.

04. Sign (Junjaman Remix) – Ooh, this remix is really nice too. It sounds sorta softer/lighter. I like :)♥.


  1. love love love Drunk On Sleep, it’s like the female version of butterfly except I like this loads more than butterfly. Sign kind of sounds happy to have such a mv but then again I don’t know the lyrics. The Abbra remix was really good at the beginning then when I heard electro I got scared but it’s wasn’t like that it had a jazz funk to it that made it better. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the last one that says Sign remix sounds a lot like Drunk On Sleep remix to me, did they remix Drunk On Sleep but decided to name it Sign Remix?

    • Butterfly as in, GD’s song? Haha I…didn’t really think of it like that ^^;;.

      Yeah Sign probably has some hidden meaning or something haha. I wish they’d film an MV for a ballad though :(.

      And no, the last one actually is a Sign remix!

  2. im kinda disappointed with the mv 4 sign…the teaser was heaps freakier and cooler…wat happened??
    lol i was like waching the start thinking…cmon when r they gonna get stuck in the tanks with the psycho guy
    i think abracadabra sounds way better ^^

    • Haha well it sure is violent enough. But yeah Abracadabra was catchier :3

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