Posted by: lovediaries | November 1, 2009

091030 MBLAQ on Mnet Wide News

{credit: absolutemblaq @ youtube}

This is spam, and no, the video isn’t subbed but OMFG, YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH THIS ANYWAY BECAUSE MIR? YEAH YOU KNOW HIM? HIS TONGUE IS CRAZY. I don’t understand anything, kandie can you translate for me haha? But I think he mentioned Seungho (though my hearing fails me) so is he mocking their leader!? Idk, but omg that was really hot. Brb, replaying.


  1. there’s like an endless number of boys that look like hongki, then here comes mir.
    i have a theory than jang geun suk, kangin, hongki and mir have the same ancestors!

    ~~~~~~ LEE JOON WHY SO HOT!?!?

    • You know, after a while, the boys just all start looking like love childs of each other LMFAO.

  2. you know what, this is the first mblaq vid I watch ^^

    um, I think Mir said he is in charge of Gag in the group and proceeded to show the “annoying gag” trademark like when they’re joke/tease each other and Seungho is just lucky enough to be the victim, ahaha

    • Hehe, oh really? LOL AS IF THAT’S AN ANNOYING GAG, IT WAS EFFING SEXY *___*.

  3. I couldn’t help but think very naughty thoughts when Mir did that…




  4. Am I the only one who found that creepy? Maybe I finally managed to get my mind out of the gutter…Lol

    Mm I’ve been pretty much ignoring MBLAQ b/c their song annoys me, but they’re looking kinda sexy here.=P *mind back in gutter*

    • Yes. Idk, keep your mind in the gutter, it works better that way :D. These boys are really good looking, that’s why I’m sorta sticking around D: Omg that sounds so shallow but like, idk, they seem like they have cute personalities keke.

  5. OMG!!
    hahaha i’m in love with this vid XDD they seem like they are always joking around..that’s awesome :)
    lee joon…*drool*
    hehehe…mir… >////<
    i cant wait to hear more from them! they still get a little breathless when they sing but they'll definitely get better :D

    • I hope someone subs their reality show soon, I wanna know more about these boys!

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