Posted by: lovediaries | November 1, 2009

091101 SHINee @ Inkigayo

HELL YEAH, SHINEE WON AGAIN ~♥♥♥♥*!!! What a way to start the month :DDD.

{credit: WeaReShiningOnTivi @ youtube}

alfjsldkjfskd Jonghyun’s opening part wasn’t cut out and this is why I love Inki~ . He sounded sooo good today. And omg, I’ve been loving all their outfits (though sometimes the accessories are a bit O.o and their cuffs look really dangerous) but unffff it’s like, idk, all my fetishes and everything I could ever ask for on one boy. Only, there are 5 of them *___*). Onew’s hair is flat again today, thank goodness, because I can only handle sex-ed up Onew like, once a week (how good did he look on Mucore yesterday, omg!? Heck, how good did all of them look). And I love the cameraman omg, did you guys all catch that nice piece of Minho ass? His hair is straightened here, he looks so pretty /weeps a little. And then his smirking *____*. Loved Key’s rap and his little punch hehe. We’re still missing the second ‘rocka rocka rocka’ part, I feel as if without that I’m not getting enough Taemin D:

SHINee Winning – (Taec and Wooyoung look really good *___*.) I don’t think they’ll ever cry again :(. Onew’s :O at 0.48 was so cute kekeke. He looks a lot less depressing too haha. Aw, mismatched eyes ;~;. And then his XD face omg jasfjdf /incoherent. THEN KEY BEING A CAMWHORE LOL. Jealous forever of the staff who put his arm around Onew’s waist when it was encore time T________T. And Key’s “THANK YOU BABY” OMGGGG ♥♥.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah gongrats my SHINee boys

    is me or Jonghyun’s lips are geting bigger every preformance??? XD ,OMG all of them have thire hair straighten and yes i did catch that nice piec of Minho’s ass ,thank you very much

    Taec look really good with this hair color and style!!!

    and im i missing Hechull too much that i heard Onew say ‘Heechul hyung’ in his thank you speech?

    • NO YOU DIDN’T HEAR WRONG! Apparently Jonghyun told Onew to thank Jungmo AND Heechul omg alskjfsdkjfklsdjfkldsf SM TOWN LOVE ♥♥♥. I bet Heechul bribed Jonghyun or something lmao.

      • did he also say thanks to changmin? i thought i swore that i heard him say ‘changmin hyung’ ah smtwon love ftw!!!

        • My friend heard that too but who knows if it’s DBSK’s Changmin cause idk, that would be random? XD. It’d be amazing if it was though!

  2. OMG!!
    i LOVE their attires!! especially minho’s and key XDDD

    hahaha i tot i heard heechul’s name inside there too heuhuhu~


    • UNF YES I really love all the clothes they’re wearing *___*




      the outfits are easy for the eyes, the boys have fair number of solo shots, the camerawork is jjang, and yeah a nice glimpse of Minho’s ass

      check 1.38.

    • The Comeback ones would be one of my fav, because they’re the only full performances they’ve done :3. But omg laksjflskjdf please let them continue to win awards.


  4. they lots of outifts this time around ya? so far they’ve been doning diff outfits for every perf. i love inki for its quality. but the boys arent 100% in sync in their dancing today =\
    anyway, so happy they won! n i agree that heechul must’ve bribed them to say his name during the thank yous. ahahh ;)

    • I was thinking the same! They haven’t repeated a single outfit. Maybe after this, they’ll start recycling, cause gosh, where are all these clothes coming from!?

      Idk, the camera seemed to have caught the choreo better than in other performances I’ve seen. Like in the dingdigndigndignding dondogndogndognd part, I was like ‘woah, don’t rmbr the moves being that complicated before…’

      • ya.. the camerawork is excellent! lots of nicely framed shots.. closeups n stuff… i just think maybe the boys r getting tired so they’re not as powerful as last week.

        • I think this performance was definitely the best from this week, but yeah, nothing beats those comeback performances :)


    i pet he threaten bribed thim or something

    • LOL YES that’s what I suspect too XD

  6. awwwwwwww onew’s hair was flattened :(
    yes i was seriously very very hyped cuz of his hair for ytd’s music core cause really, this boy looks damn good !!!!!!! i was wondering whether is it cause its halloween ytd, thats why their outfits are so darn nice ^^
    ytd’s still my very fave perf of ring ding dong <3
    and key looks damn good also recently………

    ahhh nice. jonghyun seems sick ytd, no?
    today he's back to normal and being so powerful :D
    congratz to them winning !!! :D the boys so deserve it :D

    • Hahaa well all their outfits have been really nice, I loved this one too :D Yeah Jonghyun was a bit off in the MuCore perf but back to being awesome on this Inki perf :)

  7. yesterday’s MU core outfits were still the best for me. ONEW IN LEATHER = HEAVEN.
    kudos to their stylists!
    never imagined how we got through those hideous juliette outfits. *erases those memories*

    i guess we all love JH’s BABEEYYYY~~ opening. YEY for that one. :)

    ass close-up was really funny though. maybe they thought, “this kid has little singing parts, let’s just zoom in on his ass!”

    i get crazy during the “rocka rocka” and “ring ding dong” parts. it’s so addictive that i just have to stand and dance. it makes me look like i’ve just been drugged though. XD

    • YES OMG Onew looks so good in leather *___*.

      LOL ‘let’s show his ass to make up for the lack of singing lines he gets’ hahahaha.

  8. I watched this live and spazzed so hard when they won.
    Let’s just say I was lucky I was home alone. >_>

    They all look so darned good homg. And Minho’s smirks killed me *_*

    Key’s “Thank you baby” made me think of the Dream Concert backstage vid where he called Amber his ‘baby’ <3

    Their outfits are loads more normal today… I loved yesterday's outfits but come on, Key was wearing a sun visor around his neck xD

    • Yeah it’s always embarrassing to be caught spazzing, I can never control myself at uni omg T__T. Lol yes I love Key and his random English <33 LOL omg yeah what was with the visor?! XD

  9. THEY WON!!!
    I loved their clothes here =P

    • YES so glad they won while wearing nice clothes :D

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