Posted by: beckery | November 2, 2009

2PM – NEW SONG TEASER ‘Tired of Waiting’ !!

Credit: inanis @ youtube



The white words on the site is apparently “Waiting for you wears me out”? WAITING FOR JAY/2PM WILL NEVER WEAR ME OUT <333333

Tentative translation is:

You’ll get tired while waiting,
Do you know how i feel?
You’ll get tired waiting
Do you still remember me

Credit G-race @ 2OD forums


  1. I can’t listen to it! And I’m going crazy!
    Countdown says 15 hours still remains… there is no way I can wait that long! TT_TT

    • Why not??!?! ._______. Try the youtube link, it might work better than the site. Also, I heard you have to synchronise your computer time to Korean time if you want it to work better? I’m not sure about that though :/

      • Youtube deleted the vid.
        But I did what you suggested (change the time of my computer) and it worked!! Thank you so much!!
        I can’t believe Jay’s voice is on it o_o
        I want more! More of this song. more of 2PM. more Jay!!

        • I’m glad it worked for you :)

  2. This is soooooooo gorgeous!! I love the jazz plus R&B feel of the song so much.
    The comeback needs to hurry cos I wanna see this so badly. I won’t even mind if they just sit on the stage dressed handsomely in suits and not dancing even though knowing that it’s 2PM, there will of course be some dancing in the performance.
    Gotta listen to it 1-2 million more times.

    • Yea the teaser is aweseommmmmmmeeeeeeee. I hope they release a full version of this ;___; Lol it’s 2PM so I think we’re safe to expect alot of dancing and acrobats :DDDDD

  3. this is simple beautiful.

    • ;_________; cries it is

  4. T______________T JAY PLS TO BE COMING BACK

    • Jay will come back. And we’ll be here with our arms opened waiting for him :DD

  5. this could just be a part of the album or the one they’ll promote.. but whatever this sounds sooooo good. even the heartbeat sounds gets me excited.

    i hear junho and wooyoung. *cries*
    the 1:59 still puzzles me, jay should comeback but i have a feeling he won’t. accckk~~ this is crazy.

    the thing i hate the most right now is how some people still wanna boycott 2pm. that is one big ‘effin sh*t.

    • I think this isn’t the title track. NOr was the song released. I’m expecting something more explosive haha. Maybe I shouldn’t expect too much.

      Yea, I have nothing to say about the boycott or the whole situation. It’s just…very heartbreaking :/

  6. OMG OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!! Very excited for their comeback, especially as this sounds so different from the stuff they did before *.* JUNHO!!!!

    YES PPL STOP BOYCOTTING!! And I hope Jay comes back :( I hear his voice!! That and the fact that it stops at 1:59 gives me a tiny glimmer of hope, but whatever happens…life goes on? Hahahhaa, best of luck to the boys <3 It's been SO LONG since I actually heard good news about them~

    • *sigh* Got a little carried away. Boycott or not, we should respect each other’s opinions yes? Dunno which one’s the right thing to do atm, so…do what you believe in!

      PS. I dunno how to edit comments XD I take back the “STOP BOYCOTTING” part. :)

      • :DDD My thoughts exactly. I don’t want to be part of the whole drama so I’m just going to go on believing Jay will come back and ignore JYP and everything else.

        Lol you’re so cute. It’s ok. We’re all fangirls, I’m sure everyone understands.

  7. NOOO THERE’S ANOTHER COUNTDOWN NOW! I’m tired of waiting… lol :DD
    I looove how the teaser sounds, it’s really nice~~ It’s Jay’s voice doing those “ooh” parts, right? ;__; I’ve listened to the teaser for like 350158 times and everytime I hear his voice I get saaaad ;___; I’m still wishing for him to come back too, but yeah, the boycott is just soo stupid :( The people that continue the boycott just don’t get it, didn’t Jay leave because he wanted nothing like this to happen? :(
    Anyways, I can’t wait for the next countdown to be over! I’ll support 2PM no matter what happens <3

    • I really hate that I’m doing this, but I can give you a full list of how Jay didn’t leave on his own will, there are other reasons for this, but I won’t do it on here since I respect Imop

      but one thing I want people to realize, if dbsk was ripped off from their contracts, what makes you think buying this album will support the 6 boys, all the money is going to jypEnt at this time since they need it right now. If this album is successful they won’t bring Jay back

      Beckery I’m so sorry I had to do this, you know I love the boys :(

      • k nvm apparently I can say what I know, Beckery, as a follower and reader for a while now, and you know how much I love these boys, I am asking you to help us. This is much much graver than people think. I can e-mail you what I know, and ask you to stop spreading these new video, because it’s seriously not what it looks like, Jay never wanted to leave, I am begging you to help us spread what we know.

        you guys have no idea how buying the album will hurt all 7 of the boys

        • I had no intention of offending anyone so I’m sorry if I offended you. I just expressed my own opinion and I do respect your opinion, too. Of course there’s still a doubt about Jay leaving in his own will but if he really decided to leave, then in my opinion, he’s the one who’ll suffer because of the boycott. But I don’t want to argue about this here, and again, I’m sorry if I offended you in any ways. Oh and I really want you to know that I, too, want nothing but good for these boys so I guess we both have the same wish after all. ^^

          • Nataly
            Bb, of course I don’t think you’re stupid :) And what you said about respecting Imop made me very happy <3333.

            You're a big fan of 2PM and I know that very well so I understand that this is really hard for you and for all of us too. We all love Leadja to pieces ;___; And all wish that he would come back.

            I'm not going to say I agree with everything JYP has done, nor will I comment on the whole boycott thing, because I'm trying not to be muddled up in the middle of this. I hope you understand. There is too much going on atm with DBSK, Suju and 2PM that I don't really want any more drama at this time. I have my exams coming up and I need to be able to concentrate. :)

            I will always support Jay and my 2PM boys no matter what happens. I… actually not going to buy the album haha and I'm not actually promoting ppl to buy the album? So you can rest assure on that.

            I know this is a hard time for Hottests and I'm sorry I'm not really making much sense and being able to help much. I hope you understand. And rest assure that I love 2PM and know that 2PM is never complete with Jay. We all love our dorky fail leadja right? And we all know he'll comeback <33333

            I’m sure Nataly and everyone else understands :DD Everyone here loves Jay and 2PM to bits and we all want the best for them. Don’t need to apologise bb. Everyone has their own rights to express their thoughts and we should all respect eachother. We’re 2PM fangirls after all. XD It’s just a sensitive time isn’t it, but we’ll get through this because Leadja Jay will be back with a BOOM haha. <33333

  8. Beckery!!!! waaaaaahhhhhh :( I would say something since you know how much I love 2PM, but apparently people think I’m stupid

  9. so…im not rly a hardcore 2pm fan n i still cant tell the voices apart but was tht jay singing on the preview? O_o

    • I..doubt it would be Jay though part of me keeps thinking I hear him lol

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