Posted by: beckery | November 3, 2009

Preview & Lyrics 2PM – Tired Of Waiting

Credit: jenp00able @ youtube


The teaser was so misleading. I was expecting this  heartwrenching, tear soaked ballad but the song is a dance track!!! There better be the ballad version of this on the album or I might cry ;______;

I’m sorta glad this isn’t their title track because it’s not as strong as I expected. The beat is catchy and all but there’s too much autotune T___T I’m going to quote Candychu “Mash up Again & Again, I Hate You, Betrayed and It’s You and you have yourself Tired of Waiting”. XDDDD

But dw, I’m still pumped for this album because “WHAT TIME IS IT?!!? ITS TWO PEE EMMMM!!!!!!!!” <3333333333

{translation credit: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY}

I’m getting tired of waiting
You know
Do you know how I feel?

I’m getting tired of waiting
Do you still remember me?

Even as a day goes by, I can’t forget you
Even if a month goes by, I can’t let you go
Do you know that I still want you?

I’m going crazy while waiting for you
Every single day feels like a year
I’m waiting
I’m getting tired of waiting

It feels like you could come back any second
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
I’m just getting tired, I’m just getting tired

I fall asleep in case I see you
I’m still waiting for you
A month could pass and I wouldn’t forget you
A year could pass and I wouldn’t let you go
Do you know how I feel?

I’m going crazy while waiting for you
Every single day feels like a year
I’m waiting
I’m getting tired of waiting

It feels like you could come back any second
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
I’m just getting tired, I’m just getting tired

My head feels so complicated, I could explode
I’m waiting and waiting but no word from you
There’s no way you could leave because of me
It’s so hard for me right now, so hard for me

I’ll wait even if it’s a year
I’ll wait even if it’s 10 years
I don’t care if I get tired of waiting for you

I’m going crazy while waiting for you
Every single day feels like a year
I’m waiting
I’m getting tired of waiting

It feels like you could come back any second
It feels like I could just turn around and see you
I’m just getting tired, I’m just getting tired


  1. KLDFAJDSKLFJAD!!! I like dance tracks but orz what was that? D:

    It’s a good song but I know JYP can do better than this. ): I keep hearing I Hate You and It’s You. ):

    • Don’t worry, this isn’t the title track so it should be ok. Hopefully JYP will churn out some ultimate song haha.

  2. Well, he’s introducing Taegoon to a lot of people lmao.

    • Lol yea good one JYP XD

  3. I hear Jay <3 now if only he'd actually perform, sigh I'll wait for the very soon conference x_x the ballad was nice, this was unexpected

    • Yea I thought I heard Jay too but with all that autotune, I can hardly recognise most their voices ://

  4. WAH! I like this song but damn I wanted the ballad. It sounded better as a ballad!

    Still, it’s 2PM!! I will anticipate the stage performances where they blow us all away :D

    And the lyrics T.T Way to read into our feelings…well I’m not really ‘tired’ of waiting, but…anyway, can’t wait!

    • IT DID RIGHT?!?! Dw they’re going to release a ballad version on the album. THEY BETTER!!

      I don’t think they’ll perform this on stage, all that autotune..haha. But I’m waiting for whatever they have in store for us :D

  5. Don’t really like this a lot :( It’s not really memorable, and sounds too noisy.

    And I’m kinda glad I’m not the only person who heard Betrayed in this song.

    I hope the title track is a lot stronger than this.

    • Yea all that autotune sorta ruins the song. Lol I think everyone is hearing Betrayed in this song? Same producer I think?

  6. i prefer the teaser version. n yes… taegoon’s betrayed twin.. the 2 songs would fit perfectly together.

    • Same here .__. They better release the ballad version. Yea probably cuz it’s from the same producer? hahaha. Twins XDDD

  7. i love this song so much !!! but im really not tired of waiting, jaeee ! =D

    • Awww your user name <3

      Nor are we :D

  8. i fell in love with the teaser, this one is err… kinda dissapoint me hahahaha (-__-)’
    and please please pleaseee let there be a ballad version.i’m so in the mood for one right now (emo much?)

    thanks for putting this up~

    • Hahaha. Same same. Ballad version please :)

  9. i’m just glad they’re back again…….i miss them….but i miss jay the most….i really hope he’ll be coming back and make me LOL…cuz he made me LOLed a lot…

    i love 2pm no matter what!!!!

    • Yea, Leadja Jay was so dorky and faily and cute. I miss variety shows with them on it ._________.

      2PM <33333

  10. I WANNA LISTEN BUT IM AT SCHOOL AND I EFFING CANT D:. I swearr school sucks D:

    • Awwwwww. You can still listen to it after school. It won’t go away :)))

  11. I was kind of surprised when I first heard the whole song, it’s so different from the teaser! :o But I got used to the song really quickly and now I looove it! Though I want a ballad version, too, it sounded so beautiful… ;__;

    • I KNOW! So misleading. I was waiting for the heartwrenching ballad and then they give me this autotune song T________T I don’t love the song yet. I probably need more listen haha

  12. im…… to be honest quite disappointed.
    i was expecting a ballad too!
    but ahhhhhhhhh i found it to be… too heavy?
    the autotune ):
    i hope with more listens i will take a liking to it…?

    • I see alot of people are sorta disappointed XD yea, I’m sure ballad version will be released on the album. I can’t listen to it too much cuz it gives me a headache :/

  13. i like the lyric ….the the song is really catchy !

    • The lyrics are bittersweet ._______.

  14. Beast on PKL Starry Night :)
    they performed Oasis, yay!

    • I saw :DDDDD I love Oasis and they did great!

  15. I think there is more than likely a ballad version of “Tired of Waiting.” Kinda like they had a R&B version of “Again and Again” I think there may be another version of “Tired of Waiting.”

    • Yea I think so too. :D

  16. i love the song but i also think that it would waaaaay better when its ballad.

    • Agreed. The teaser sounded soooooooooo good!

  17. Its similar to again&again,,,too much autotune,,,at a blink,i think i could deft with this song!
    But i love so much 2pm!
    I prefer deft,blind,headache,etc,,just for u guys!!
    Jay!Comeback soon,,,and then 7 of u can fooling around again,,and again,,,T_T

    • Yea there’s a crazy amount of autotune in the song. I couldn’t really recognise the voices :/

  18. stop f***en complaining, not every song can go your way. just appreciate what they made. on the other side; this song is good and catchy.

    • There is no need to swear here. If you haven’t noticed, I am a huge fan of 2PM, so it’s not like I said it in a rude way to offend 2pm and other fans. I don’t see anything wrong with my complaining about liking the ballad teaser more than the released version. Everyone has their own opinions and if you disagree with mine, then it’s fine, but is swearing necessary?

  19. Kinda tired of reading the word “autotune.” Just be a good fan and appreciate the music they make to please you. Besides, I’d like to see you guys get in a studio and record your voices or even fabricate these albums together. Wrap your minds around THAT and suck it up. . .

    • Lol you’re tired of hearing the word autotune? I’m tired of listening to it :P

      I’m a fan of 2PM, but that doesn’t automatically mean that I have to like everything they release. Yes, I got into 2pm because of their appearance on variety shows (wild bunny :DD!!!) but if they keep releasing tracks that sound the same, I can’t guarantee that I’ll stay a fan.

      Lol I’d like to see us in a studio recording a song, too.

      PS. Boybands don’t make music to please their fans. They make music for money.

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