Posted by: lovediaries | November 3, 2009

SHINee – Supsada Photoshoot

Omg, amidst all this kpop drama, this is the best way to cheer me up. Like, omg, I can’t even form a coherent sentence and if you know me well enough, you’ll know why *__* (hint: it’s to do with what they’re wearing aslkjfskdjfskjfjdsf). This was done when they were in Thailand, btw.

{credit: supsada}

Brb, mopping up drool.

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! If I come back and see ugly ‘bandwidth exceeded’ pictures instead of SHINee looking oh so good in black and white and ties and suspenders and little vests, I’ll come after you >:(. So please, upload onto another server or your own photobucket account, thank you :).

These are wallpapers, so, yeah, be sure to take them :). Yumyumyum~

Just, omg, *____*. Yeah, you all know what I’m trying to say.


  1. me died at the sight of how deliecious taemin and onew looked *drops dead*
    oooooooooooh taemin and onew’s solo shoot……. :DDDDD

    • They all look delicious omg :Q_______



      • I AM SO PREDICTABLE, AREN’T I? Lol I dnt even care about the other boys never mind that I have a certain preference on boys in that kinds of outfits.

        And this is exactly why I will never be allowed to do a photoshoot with these boys. I’d be, like, “WHAT IS KEY DOING WITH 2MIN. AND YOU, JH, STAY AWAY FROM JINKI. D<"


        • LOLOLOL omg if I was a staff, I’d just be like “OH JINKI, I NEED TO FIX UP YOUR TIE….*throws against wall*” XDD

  3. I see some husband and wife OnKey shots.^^ They look so perfect in this shoot especially considering how they usually break out overseas. XD My skin freaks out whenever I travel too.

    You know how they say when a mother has a pretty daughter, her #1 goal is to keep her off “the pole?” Well it’s too late for that (T.T) but either way Taemin needs to keep those suspenders firmly on his shoulders and those bedroom eyes firmly in their sockets! *shakes fist threateningly*

    • LOL OMG that was exactly what beckery was saying. She looked at the thumbnails and thought ‘Taemin, you little slut’ XDDD!

      Bedroom eyes, oh god.

      • XDD With all the recent sexy jacket flips it’s kinda inevitable that maknae will turn into an ab flashing, finger licking ho like his hyungs. I’m lookin at you JongHo.<_< Where did Key umma go wrong?! lol


          Omg, but Key’s been looking so hot lately (for me anyway). Maybe you’re not looking at the right pitures!?

          And omg you’ll go crazier after hearing Taemin sing Jjong’s lines :P


    They look so good omggggggggg.
    Back to the era of blonde Key and tie-dyed shirts.
    Umm, I think I’ll focus on the black-and-white-and-suspenders-and-ties-and-vests. *_*

    BTW, did you hear Jonghyun contracted H1N1? D8
    They’re promoting Ring Ding Dong as a 4-member group for the time being.
    I don’t know how many times my heart is going to die when I see no Jonghyun on the stage.

    • YES I love their little suspender thingies and the vests, oh god :Q_.

      Yeah I heard about that yesterday :( It was so sad to hear he’s living alone as well rn til he recovers argh ;_;. I hope he gets better real quick.

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