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You’re Beautiful Ep.7 Reality Index

Jang Geun Suk is Beautiful <3

Sorry this is so late :/ All my exams/end of semester assessments are next week so I’ve been studying like a good little nerd :)

I’ve had a few comments asking me where I download my episodes, and I thought I’d answer them here so everyone can see. I download all my episodes with Chinese subs using a Chinese program called Thunder. Just go to Baidu and search it and you should be able to download it for free. It’s a bit like Limewire, but asian and 342634726x easier to use XD If you’re not sure how to use it, leave me a comment and I’d be glad to give you a quick explanation :)

I KNEW TAEKYUNG DIDN’T KISS UHEY. Only plus 5, cos I wouldn’t care if he did kiss her XD Hey, it’s not like he likes her…

LMAO AT THE FANS CRYING OUTSIDE A.N.JELL’S COMPANY XDDD PLUS 30 cos it made me laugh. BUT minus 50 cos irl, fans would most likely be plotting against their favourite boy’s girlfriend :P

I love how A.N.Jell have a mural of their photos on the wall in their living room – Plus 20 Narcissism ftw.

It’s sweet how Jeremy comforted Minam, but why does he have a book about love – Minus 5

I get that A.N.Jell’s super popular, but even a super popular boyband wouldn’t have a special room just for a grand piano T__T – Minus 10

Drunk-Minam is the cutest thing ever – Plus 30

When Taekyung found Minam sleeping under the piano, he should’ve carried her to bed. But then I would’ve been like EWWWW CLICHE DDD; so plus 10 cos he just left her there XD

If Uhey really was the Nation’s Fairy, shouldn’t the premier for her movie be…idk…a bit bigger? XD. Minus 20


Lol it’s nice that Manager Ma got to take Uhey home :) It must’ve been the ultimate fanboy experience of him~ – Plus 5

How would a few drops of coke on your shirt affect your driving, Taekyung? I bet he just wanted to wear Manager Ma’s clothes :P

The way Minam’s aunty told the whole village that her famous nephew was coming reminded me of Makino’s mum in HYD and her fishing village :/ – Minus 10

I love how Taekyung’s a “nobody” to the villagers cos he’s not a trot singer XDDD – Plus 50

Of course Taekyung and his mum didn’t meet face-to-face in the woods =.= – Minus 10. I HATE it when they *just* miss each other, IT’S LIKE SHINING INHERITANCE ALL OVER AGAIN DDD;


Taekyung waves like the queen – Plus 20 cos Taekyung’s pretty much royalty anyway :P


Taekyung being chased around by a pig just turned this drama from awesome to AMAZING – Plus 500

The granny whacked her tv to make it work? That’s so cute – Plus 40

I love how in Minam’s imagination, the whole of the Korean Search and Rescue team came out to find Taekyung – Plus 30, cos Taekyung’s that important :P

Why did the aunty ring Uhey. If the grannies don’t know who Taekyung is then they wouldn’t know who Uhey is. – Minus 20

Minam found Taekyung’s trail by remembering all his weird preferences – Plus 20, that’s true love, y’all~

“Do pigs bite?” – Plus 20. Oh Uhey, I love how dumb you are :)

RABBIT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The undefeatable Hwang Taekyung is scared of rabbits LOL – Plus 50, I love Taekyung and his imperfections :)

That moon and star story is really romantic, but HYD has already used the moon and star thing :/ Differently, I know, but astronomy is astronomy – Minus 10

Taekyung’s hair turned flat again after his pig experience – Plus 20, cos he probably couldn’t find any hair gel in the village :P

The three old ladies are so cute :3 – Plus 20

Ok, after Taekyung came back from the village he suddenly turned SUPER HOT with NICE HAIR – Plus 30. Jang Geun Suk is an attractive man <3

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Shinwoo going to the village to pick up Minam is EXACTLY THE SAME as what Rui did for Makino in HYD. COME ON, WRITERS :( – Minus 50

If a real celebrity hid in the countryside for that many days and left their management company hanging, they’d be fired – Minus 20

Ok um, anyone WITH EARS would know that Minam was a guy from her singing – Minus 50

I love Shinwoo, I think he’s awesome, BUT OMG THE HUG AT THE END LOOKED SO AWKWARD DDD; – Minus 20

LMAO at jealous!Taekyung :) – Plus 50. MOOORE JEALOUSTAEKYUNG, MOOOOORE :DDD

Not enough Jeremy/Shinwoo for me in this ep :( NEEDS MORE. Oh, and I hated all the similarities it shared with HYD =.= I love HYD, but come on, creativity is good.

I’ll be finished with uni next week (YAY FOUR MONTHS HOLIDAY :DD) so I think I might do a reality index for another drama. Ideas? Suggestions? I’m deciding between Autumn Concert, Iris and Lee JunKi’s new one (that’s airing next week!) but I’m open to doing an index for an old drama too :) TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, PEOPLE ~


  1. Yay!! Not gonna lie, I actually squealed when I saw this XD I need mah YB fix~

    Thanks for the thunder tip, I was in total drama queen mode when viikii went on strike, so I’m over the moon that they’re subbing again! <3

    LOLS FOREVER at the pig scene! I laugh just reading about it and omg, shayne ward's breathless mv was overrun by YB fans calling it the 'pig song' ROFL. The video was removed from Youtube XD

    This drama just gets better and better! I was kind of D: at the similarity of the sun and moon thing~ cmon hong sisters, you've proved that u can do better! Anyway, thursday seems so far away…

    • Oh and yay for you getting holidays! <3 I dunno, recommend a drama? Cos I dont usually watch k-dramas XD YB is an exception but if all k-dramas are this good I dont want to miss out on anymore!

    • HELLO :D!

      I don’t usually watch kdramas either XD They’re too long and draggy for me, tbh…I prefer to stick to jdramas, cos they’re short HAHA (yea, I’m really impatient :P).

      I just downloaded a few episodes of Vaness Wu’s “Autumn Concerto” cos I read some really good reviews on it. You should watch with me :)

      • Is that the one called 下一站。幸福?I heard it’s been getting good ratings…it’s the really angsty tearjerker isn’t it? Yeah, let me know if it’s good! :)

  2. GLAD you post this up!
    gosh i need my daily feed of You’re beautiful.
    i still couldn’t force myself to watch this. =.=

    for posting this up~

    • You’re welcome :)

      Haha, I stalk the “You’re Beautiful” community on Baidu every day hoping for updates LOL

  3. awww~ ep7 was cute :3
    it broke my heart all over again DX the look on her face when she saw shinwoo~ argh..

    but taekyungs jealousy is cute ^^” ‘if she’d have waited 1 more day i would’ve been the one to pick her up’

    i totally couldnt stop laughing at the pig thingy X’D i was like ‘omg! he has gone crazy!’ *rofl* but that was just pure WIN!

    and i agree about her singing ^^” she sounds beautiful.. that’s true.. but.. it would be reasonable if they’re going to lower her voice a little bit? kekeke~

    i’ve watched do re mi fa so la ti do once again~ and.. omg X’D taekyung and eungyu dont look like they were acted by the same person ^^”

    • Lol you get beautiful Taekyung all ~dreamy~ in the fields, then out of nowhere a random pig pops up and chases after him HAHA

      Jang Geun Suk is such a good actor *O*

  4. Yeah, I thought that Taekyung & his mom would bump into each other when she was leaving but of course they don’t see each other >.<
    And the whole pig chasing thing was freakin hilarious! Omg him screaming & running was so funny! It was like he wasn't the hot & tough guy during that scene! I love this drama for that!

    • I love this drama for that exact reason! Most dramas make the male lead really perfect and macho, but in this drama, Taekyung’s a freak XD (a lovable one, of course :P)

  5. lol my forever favorite scene would be Tae Kyung in the wheat fields with his queen wave and running from the pig XDDD. lol yes, I agree about creativity. Creativity is good and they should utilize it more if they can like…make a crazy scene with a pig and Mi Nam’s imagination lol. The CEO saying how he can’t eat anymore pork just made me ROFL <3. Can't wait for episode 9. It better not be too angsty cause I love the humor.

    • I love how with this drama, whenever they have an angsty scene, they have something extremely funny and ridiculous straight after XD

  6. ep7 is the best epi so far for me… ;) really funny! oh… jeremy’s new hair is in ep8? i actually think his new do is really cute.

    • Hongki is adorable <3 I wish they gave him more screentime though :(

  7. thats interesting. cos ep 1 and 7 are probably eps i would most likely not want to watch again unlike ep 6 and 8.

    • Oh really? I didn’t think ep.1 was that great, but I’d watch ep7 again just to see Taekyung chased by the pig XD

  8. Wait, you are doing a reveiw for ep8 right?

    • Yep. I just don’t have the time right now cos I have exams and assignments next week.

  9. I like this episode! I think I busted a lung from laughing when Taekyung was chased to the mountain by a runaway pig. Kudos to you for giving such high points for that amazing scene.
    Who drove Manager Ma’s car from that village to Seoul, though?
    I’m pretty sure Taekyung went home with Yoo Heyi and then Minam was picked up by Shinwoo. So what happened to the car?
    Anyway, I’m going to watch episode 8 soon when I’m sick of studying. It’s great that you’re on holiday already!! Melbourne Uni just started its exam period this week.

    • Yea, our exams start this week too :( I was going to study my degree at Melbourne uni, actually :P

      You made a really good point about Manager Ma’s car O_O I didn’t even notice XD Um….maybe the aunty drove it back? Or maybe poor Manager Ma had to catch a bus to the village to get his car himself XD

      • Really? That’s great! You’re in Australia now, right? In Melbourne?

        • Haha all the authors here live in Australia, but none of us live in Melbourne :( I went to Melbourne last year; you guys have fantastic shops :DDD!

          Yea I was gonna study the Media degree at Melbourne Uni, but my mummy didn’t want me studying interstate, haha XD

  10. Hey! :) maybe im a bit late writing on this thread, but i just wanted to say i love this drama. to tell you the truth, i thinkits my first kdrama after like almost 6yrs of lost interest. i watched all the parts on youtube :S that was like 16*7 times of buffering. anyway, i love the drama and the soundtracks. eevn tho korean is a foreign language, im trying to sing the lyrics of without words =) “haji mal keu rae reun chok hae bo ril kol…an bo i neun ko chorom…”
    i really wana learn korean too! =)

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