Posted by: lovediaries | November 4, 2009

091103 SHINee @ Ggumggura Radio

As most of you know, Jonghyun’s been diagnosed with swine flu. Apparently the others were still waiting on their results? I’m not sure, will have to go do some backtracking later, but here’s a performance they did of RDD with no Jonghyun.

Ring Ding Dong – Hehe, I knew Onew would do the opening lines :3. But they cut out the ‘BAYBEHHHH’ part ;__;. It was so cute how Taemin was … flapping his arm. LOL Idk, IT LOOKED FUNNY XD Onew’s bad boy face at 0.46 omg loling forever. Taemin continued singing Jonghyun’s part after his own lines. Omg he sounds really hot lmao, I’m so impressed *______*. I wonder if Taemin would also sing Jonghyun’s lines on music shows because it’d be so much harder with all the dancing. But we mustn’t underestimate this boy :D.

Key sings Jonghyun’s lines in the next chorus and Minho sings some of them too. Aw this is so cute, splitting up Jonghyun’s lines between the other 4 members :3. THIS IS PRECIOUS RIGHT? And not just me being weird? XD. They then left out one Jonghyun line but Minho did his “HEY-ing”. That…was a sort of lulzy bit. THEN, Taemin did Jonghyun’s part in the bridge omg, it’s definitely an advantage that their voices sound slightly similar (laflor501 remember you complaining about getting old and not being able to differentiate their voices? lmao) but omg Taemin *_________* you are too awesome.

Radio Show Ending – Onew says “I promise you” in English and Minho cracks up at him. ‘Abracadabra’ starts playing and lolol omg Onew ♥. Ilhsm.


  1. hope jonghyun recovers swiftly! my cousin’s just fallen in love wit onew too. he’s got the sweetest smile :D
    im gonna go watch the vids now.. ;)

    • Everyone should fall in love with Onew lmao~*

  2. Prection indeed.<3 They look sort of awkward though. lol I really never expected Jong's harder lines to go to Taemin, but he did soo well! Unfortunately I was sitting across from my mother while watching and I must have looked nuts smiling and giggling to myself. As for similar voices, well I still get confused during Y.O.U. XD

    Someone on YouTube said Onew looked stoned at some points. I fully agree. Wouldn't it be the funniest thing ever if Onew was a stoner?

    • onew a stoner?! HAHAHAHAHAHA
      that could be possible. seriously, he’s one adorable yet unpredictable kid.

      TAEMIN~ )!(^#$!GD@#(
      i dunno if that was just the backtrack but holyness his vocals improved tons.

      • I watched a fancam from Sketchbook and alskjfljdf even without a loud backtrack, Taemin is still super impressive!

    • I didn’t expect it either! Like Onew singing the opening lines was understandable – I was counting on it – but then Taemin, woah damn. He just blew me away.


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